Dead of Winter Locations

by Haratu Oct 27, 2017
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I am really enjoying the locations... great work!
Just picked up The Long Night and hoping to see your locations for that too...

Thank you for publishing these!

Unfortunately I do not own the expansions so may be delaying those indefinately.

Really enjoying these. I'm printing with plain gray filament (intending to paint them) on a Makerbot 2. Average time to print is between six and seven hours. I am new to 3D printing so I'm learning as I go. For example, I initially printed the gas station without supports, so I got a lot of dropping threads. I showed it to a friend and he suggested I leave it alone, that the look was more appropriate for a broken down gas station during a zombie apocalypse. :)

I love the playground at the school; that's a nice touch. The slide seems a little steep though. If I were talented enough to modify the design that's one thing I would probably do. I really like how each building is different and has its own personality.

In short, thanks, these are awesome. I'll post pictures of my "make" after the painting it done. I'm thinking about doing some research for adding snow to the locations as well as part of the scenery. :)

steepness of slide is to reduce supports required. Part of the design process is to reduce supports.
Personally i hate the Gas station for this reason, but I could not think of a simple design that was "gas-stationy" enough.

Very well done! Any chance you would be willing to enlarge the card opennings for sleeved cards? As designed, it is indeed too tight.
Really wonderful execution

As indicated previously, widening for sleeved cards would be unpredictable as the size and border of the sleeves would need to be known as different brands can be out by enough that would cause jiggle on some sleeves, and too tight on others. i have opted to keep it slightly larger than the card size as that is a known value.

You could scale up the model a few percent, this would mean the zombie bases will not be a tight fit, but it will do the job.

Awesome, i search idea to do something like that and probably gona use your models directly.

They seems well adapt, they are cool and easy to read.

Nice job, realy a nice job !

This is frickin' awesome! You sole my idea (jk), but actually did it, so kudos to you! Any hints (beside what you have mentioned) for printing?
What program did you use for creating the pieces?

I used 123D Design, which is quite a simple program.
I designed it to be easily printed at 0.2mm resolution, but for those pieces with severe overhangs (like the gas station) then keep the supports low density... also, make sure to print thin walls, the medicine icons do not print properly with a 0.4mm nozzle unless you print thin walls (S3D and Cura have this setting).

Unfortunately, the thin walls on the medicine don't print that great even with "thin walls", at least on my Anet A8. However, great work and design, I'm just printing the gas station, it's my first "big" print. hopefully it'll come out OK. I sliced this up in Tinker Cad to try print different parts to test my printer out before committing to the whole print. So I'm currently trying to print this on it's side! This may be a silly/crazy idea, but lets see how it comes out! I'll post pics.

Good deal, thanks!

Are the card pockets sized for sleeved cards?

The card pockets have a 1 mm border around standard card size. This gives them a snug fit that does not damage the cards. The socket on one side of the pocket is designed to avoid damaging cards trying to retrieve them.
If you use card sleeves then my guess is that they will not fit snugly and may provide frustration in retrieving cards... you could, however, pile them in at 90 degrees at an angle upwards.
Unfortunately it is hard to estimate the required border for card sleeves due to different brand having different side allowances depending on quality, plastic welding method, and excess sleeve.

Just wanted to put this here for anyone who has the same question--scaling to 105% worked for me.

I noticed some barricades in the photos. Did you print those?

You can find them among these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2052161

Dead of Winter - Tokens

What did you use to paint these?

I had some left over citadel paints which are water based... but there are cheaper paint options available.
I should have primed with some white spray paint first, but was lazy.

Wow!! These are REALLY awesome! I've been looking for 3D models to print for DoW to make our own town and these are perfect!

Great job!

Extra notes:

  • The angle of the roof of the Gas station is gentle enough that the Heroes do not fall over in my tests.
  • The base slots fit 20mm bases to match the game pieces.
  • When printing any locations with medicine, make sure to tick "print thin walls" option or equivalent.