Baby Groot Air Plant Planter

by JuliaTruchsess Oct 27, 2017
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This is a great design. Printed really well in wood PLA. Thanks for sharing it!

I have printed groot and now i would like order the plant. Can anyone please tell me which type of tillandsia this is on the pictures? It looks great and i would like to buy exactly the same plant.

Sorry, I don't know the species. I ordered an assortment of twelve plants and this is one of them.

Printed perfectly, thank you! Now everyone in my family wants one

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Just printed this and it seems to have missing layers on the neck, under the mouth and under the eye. Great design still.

Will try the 'fixed' version posted below.

Ender3, Cura. No supports, no other issues other than those 3 missing layers.

The Fixed by Netfabb Online Service for Slic3r by Gerzzz link below printed without missing layers, FYI.

Thanks for sharing the link.

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Printed beautifully on my FFCP. Great work.

Thanks for nice model! I used "Fixed by Netfabb Online Service for Slic3r" by Gerzzz (https://www.thingiverse.com/asset:77290). Great result after 8 hours of printing on my CR-10. Here is my settings (if somebody interested):
PLA. 0.2mm, 4 walls (4*0.4mm), 205 C, infil 10% triangle, speed 60 mm/s, no supports. Weight about 90g.

Will be printing this soon. May I know whats the difference between the link you provided and on this one?

It is not provided by me but by Gerzzz (in comments below). I had printed only this "fixed version". May be "default version" is fine too on my CR-10 with my PLA etc. I don't know. But there were complains in comments that some kind of troubles with missed layers in "default version". So I did not wanted to experiment with original (not fixed) version.

Forgot to use the link you provided. Had missing layers on the original file, printing with the Ender3. Will just print again. Hope this one is better. Thanks!

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Prusa i3 MK3, PLA

Bed: 60
Nozzle: 215
Supports on the bed

about 21 hours

May I ask what settings you got on here. Nice print.

Someone should make an outside version where excess water drains out the mouth when you water

I think it would be awesome if the thumbs made contact with the legs just a little bit to give it some more strength. Other than that it is a great model and is perfect since I just got some air plants :)

Also, for people who are having issues with missing layers, this is a good opportunity to learn a lesson about checking models and not just assuming that everything is perfect. The modelers spend a lot of time creating these models and are nice enough to share them with us for free so expecting everything to just 'be perfect' is unrealistic. If you use Simplify3D you should always have it check for non-manifold edges and run the repair tools. If you don't have Simplify3D something like NetFab ( I believe Slic3r has it incorporated ) or mesh mixer is a great resource.

35 hours of printing just to see missing layers in head

can i ask how tall this is. thanks

I think it's about 125mm as-is, but you can scale it to any size you like in your slicer software, Tinkercad, MeshMixer, Meshlab, etc.

im having issues with it printing anything above the shoulders. It always fails in the same spot but there isnt any obvioius issues with the printer. Any advice or is this a known problem?

I posted earlier about this, it works great but there is one problem and one place for room for improvement. The problem is you don't want to show this to friends or family, they all want one. I've made 9 so far and others are still wanting one. The room for improvement, which has nothing to do with design, is when I print it out with normal settings the arms can be a little weak. I've been staining these with Minwax Express Color rub on stain, primarily because it also comes in green and it is so easy to use. However, the first time I rubbed it into the arm the arm broke off. I have remedied this by setting the shell wall thickness to 3mm rather than the default 1mm. It then makes the arms virtually solid. I also tried increasing the infill but that really unnecessarily uses a lot more filament everywhere else. Great Design and I'm sure the folks marketing Air Plants appreciate the business!

Glad to hear you're having fun with it! You're right about the fragility of the arms, and you're also right that the best way to increase the strength of most 3D-printed objects is by increasing the number of shells, not by increasing the density of the infill (as is often supposed).

Thanks for the tip about Minwax Express Color. Maybe I should have set up a business selling air plants before publishing this Thing :)

When I go to a nursery to buy air plants I always take the Baby Groot with me to see how they look. More often than not the people there offer to buy it from me. I no way want to sell these so I send them to Etsy since I understand people are selling them there.

Fixed by Netfabb Online Service for Slic3r

Printed this overnight, came out great, thanks!

Thank you! This file looks perfect and no need to try (and fail) repair anymore in Repetier Host. Thanks for the fix!

So it will Print perfectly now? with out the missing layers? Thanks for all you do

I have lots of missing parts after puting it into slic3r :-( Ive printed the original one, had no issues there

I probably decimated it with MeshLab in order to get it into TinkerCad, so that may be the problem. The Zortrax slicer had no problem with it. Maybe run some kind of mesh repair on it.

I use Meshlab. Under the Remeshing & Simplification menu, choose "Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation". Enter a smaller number in the "Number of Faces" field and see how big the resulting file is. Messing with the other settings has never proven fruitful for me.

Printed out great on my Lulzbot Mini using Gizmo Dorks Wood Filament. I'm wanting to do the same thing with Byambaa's waving version but I use Tinkercad (I'm a total novice at this stuff) and Tinkercad only allows 25 mb files and the waving version is 95 mb. Any suggestions on what to use to hollow out the head since I apparently can't use Tinkercad.

Hey, tried to print it. It seems like some layers (only a few) are missing. Tried with slic3er for prusa. The 3d modell is allright, but after slicing it seems to be damaged or broken

For me it loads in Slic3r 1.2.9 with a LOT of sections missing. Repertier flags it as "not manifold" and suggests repair. I've loaded it in Cura 3.2.1 and it looks solid. I'm printing it now...

I made one whith HBP filament
Layer 0.1
0% infill
30mm/s speed
No supports


Someone else selling your work

Sorry to see

It's not really my design, all I did was hollow out the head. The original is from Byambaa:


Baby Groot
by Byambaa

Cool thanks..was jist sharing

Not sure if the link has changed since you posted it, but it is clearly not the same model...

Model has very nice quality. Can be printed without supports. In scale up to 200% looks good.

I have printed 4 now, each different sizes and they all look great. Thank you.

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

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Thank you very much. Looks pretty good!