DIN Mounts: Pi, Arduino and disks

by imstrng Oct 27, 2017
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Awesome stuff here!

Just curious, what is DIN_Standard.stl for?

I'm a bit skeptical on the RPI overheating part - there is not much air flow.
Is it possible to add 5015 fan to the design ?
It would work great, sucking air from the top so the air would go down. (or the other way around, i'm not sure which way is better).

Great idea and well executed. One suggestion would be to change the orientation of the pi so that the USB and Ethernet jack (or any female jack) aren't pointed up. The reason is that wire clippings, tiny screws, etc can fall into these jacks and short things out. Therefore, it's common practice to avoid putting fan-holes, jacks or other such cavities on the top-surface.

I think a 90 degree rotation of the mounting arms would solve this. That would point the HDMI jack down, with the USB and Ethernet jacks pointing away from the DIN rail.

That's a fair argument. Makes sense.
When I've some in the coming weeks I will upload a version where HDMI is down and LAN + USB outwards.
I also see the advantage for cable management.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Waiting on some SSD’s, then we will have a NAS running on my network ;)

What kind of material have you found works best with this?

Did the raspberry mount. Fit perfect.
Thanks for sharing your design. :-)

No idea why, but out of everything I've used on this site. S3D does not want to slice this. Sucks because I wanted to print it.


That is strange because I know many people that use S3D without any issues slicing.
I am an Astroprint user myself and that is using Slic3r under the hood.

What screws are you using to hold the items onto the mounts? Standard PC screws that fit into brass standoff's? Great thing BTW. I am going to try and build a small RPi cluster mounted on these.

Looks like you have a nice project on hands!
I've made the holes for the M2.5 x 10mm Phillips cross pan head self tapping skrews.


Would be awesome to see a picture when you have it all up and running.
Good luck with your project!

This is a great serie of holders for my computer boards.
Will be mounting this on my 3D printer.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I made them !!!