CR-10 Control Box Stand with Shelves

by Shatterbrain Oct 29, 2017
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Sorry, mate. I've decided to to put 3D printing on pause until the tech improves.

This is awesome, however, the legs are a little too long for my liking,... I have the GEEETech A30 and the controlbox is 124mm in width, so these would fit, is there any way you would be willing to shorten the legs a little, I do already have a set, but it's the draws on this model that I like.

First the width of my control box is 125.4mm and the legs of this are 124mm so I had to use a file to widen them as I did not want to print them over again. I did, however, bring the stl into fusion convert to fusion body and cut the leg opening to 125.5mm. I can upload if there is interest.

Second, I have not yet received my bearings but I measured the bosses on the rails and they have a diameter of only 4.69mm and the inner diameter of the bearings are 5mm so I do not believe they will snap in. If this is the case I am going to scrap this design and go with the one in the remixes. I like its design better and I do not want to tinker with this one anymore. I might go into fusion and redesign the rails but I am not sure I want to waste more time fiddling with this one.

Yes please upload and @Shatterbrain PLEASE put these dims in bold in your description—CR10s control box is 125.4mm not 124!

Hi there,
I was wondering if you would be able to make one large draw instead of two or if you could tell me how?
Thanks in advance.

The screw holes are definitely a little far apart which I worked around but the problem I'm having is the rail length, I printed a set and they're too short to fit into the top slot and they're just barely long enough to fit into the bottom slot. I'm sure there's something I'm doing wrong, any ideas?

Sorry to hear that crosswalk,
There have been several reports that the newer control boxes have larger measurements, making this mod specific to the early models.

Ah I see, still a nice design, I'm sure I'll be able to get it to work for me.

I am in process of printing this stand... I have one of the main stands done and it is too narrow for my CR-10 that I got in January. I would recommend for people to adjust the width of the stand and trays in their slicer to make about 3mm wider (have to do both to maintain the spacing for the drawers). Have not done yet so don't know how this will effect the screw alignments. With regards to the tray and getting layer shifting as you get higher... I have only printed 1 tray so far, I meant to turn so the length was in line with the Y movement but didn't... however the drawer printed perfect regardless... I even ramped up the speed to 125% (starting at 60mm/s)... printing PLA. In most cases if one turns the tray for the long edge to be in line with the Z movement, there should not be any shift from vibration.

Thanks, scdorosh. Would you mind giving me the width measurement of your control box? If I have time I'll make a variant for that size specifically.


I measured my control box to be 125mm tight. The printed stand I have is 123mm between the uprights, :) Had to cut out a couple mm of the uprights to get it to fit without the bottom of the legs bending in.

Another change I am in the process of doing is replacing the bearings with a beam... (could also redesign the beams but would rather not re-print). I made a 15mm x 210mm x 4mm beam with 2 - 5.5mm holes 100mm apart to fit over the pins (positioned accordingly). With a notch at bottom at both ends to fit over the lips at ends of the stock beam. With this in place, the drawer has a ledger the whole length rather than the openings between the bearings. I kept having to wiggle the drawers (tight fit) to get past the bearings when pushing back in...

any idea what type or where to get the rails?

The rails are printed.

would 608zz,8x22x7 bearings work with this thing?

If the inner diameter is the same and the outer diameter slightly larger, they should work

i will do measuring

Printed the first leg and it seems too small for a CR-10s is my control box a bit bigger than the CR-10?

The same with my CR-10S - the legs are a little bit too small.

Also has anyone tried to print the drawers in vase mode or spiralize?

I printed the drawer body in vase mode on my Tornado and it came out beautifully. Use the STL from this Thing since it's already split out: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759787/

CR-10 Control Box Shelves/Drawers
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Comments deleted.

Hi shatter i just bought a CR-10S few days ago, all seems to be good, hi quality prints, first layer wonderful adhesion on the glass and i think i'm using a good setup on simplify.
Now i print my first very high object from from your beautyfull project, the drawer its about 28cm high, on the first 18cm it rocks and after on the last 10cm the print lost the line as shown, u can see the other parts printed perfectly.
I dont understant if the high vibrations when printing on top can cause this, or just i must decrease the speed for this particular print or i miss some kind of good hardware setup.
Thanks in advance

Hey Valdo, sorry to see the bend in your drawer.
It took me a while to figure out the right settings to get these to print properly.

For me I needed to print a bit hotter than I normally would by 10 degrees.
Cooling was important so that it wouldn't start to warp under it's own weight.
Finally, I needed to turn the XY jerk WAY down. The default is 20 on the CR-10, I set them to 2. Any higher and I would get layer shifts, making the drawer not function because of the resulting step(s) on the rail flanges.

I'm out on vacation right now, but if these tips still don't help, I can send you the simplify profile I used.

Good luck!

Hi shatter thank you for reply, yes your file settings will be appreciated, the first try u see i made at 0.2 layer, i try 0.4 tonight with timelaps,
Unfortunately i place the camera too close, this time seems better linear but the print unstick, maybe i need tape on the base to improve the adhesion. what do u use as base?

I nearly always use glue stick on glass. Maybe try adding a full skirt to hedge your bets :)

Hi shatter can u send me simplify profile when u can? thanks in advance

Yes; I'll be home in a few days.

Ty so much shatter

Okay Valdo,
Download DrawerPrint.fff for the profile - Remember to reduce your XY jerk and maybe acceleration too!


Ty shatter! But this is the clue! Where i can reduce jerk and acceleration? M205 X2 Y2 in the start script?

Yes, or you can do it through the settings using the control box

Hemm we have a missunderstood, no option in simplify it’s called jerk, i’m asking u what The option is.

Wonderful idea and design!

Does the heat from the fan underneath affect the gluesticks at all?

I currently have legs on my control box as well to raise it up so that the fan underneath can blow out "easier", but there's so much empty space underneath.

I did design this with extra room for the fan in mind; the drawers are fairly low.
I haven't had any gluestick melting incidents! :)