Bullet Bill - Long Colt

by alpokemon Oct 29, 2017
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Thank you for sharing the awesome model!!!
Just wondering if anyone figured out anything about eye-pupil?

You should also grab the rest of the model from Myminifactory. If you aren't scaling it, then use the pupils that came with that model. Did you accidentally scale it up? or is it a bug with S3D?

My appoligies then. I was told it cost $90 for this.

Comments deleted.

Who said I'm selling anything. This model is completely free. The ONLY reason I link to Mymini is because the original author is there. Go design some stuff and give it away for free. Just look at my models that I have up here - all free. Not sure WTF you are talking about.

How do you keep the red insert up so high?!

Do you mean pushed into the head so it fits right up to the end? I basically pushed it hard and sanded to make sure I had a good fit. Print a 20mm calibration cube to see how accurate your printer prints dimensions and then compensate for the red part. Most printers are a little off so just scale it so it fits given your printer's bias. Good luck

If I had seen this on Thingiverse earlier I wouldn't have had to struggle with the tight fits of the MyMiniFactory model...

Great work on this but I think the pupil in the files is way over sized compared to the original ones.

I just noticed this as well. Did you scale it down? if so to what percentage?

I think all i did was sand it but if i were to scale down, i would start a 1% intervals to see what fits.

If you open it in Cura 3.5 it is more like a pupil fitting for Godzilla. With 1% steps it will need nearly 100 test prints :-) please have a look.

very good. also, is nobody going to mention that the 3d printing nerd printed this?