Twist In Cable Clamp [2020 Aluminium Profile]

by Z123456789 Oct 29, 2017
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Ah, actually the first clamps for 2020 I find on here that fit and work. However, one out of five will not work and break when twisting, but that's down to individual tolerance of each printer I guess. The only change I would make is a small bevel on the top edge of the part that fits into the extrusion to make the initial twist easier/safer so the part slides in instead of that the edges of the extrusion are forced to go around the small twisting nib.

This is the best thing since sliced bread. I was looking for something like this for a while. Too lazy to make few tries until i get the dimensions perfectly :)

My first attempt with these didn't fit my 2020 extrusions, as the gap between the T and the base wasn't wide enough by several millimetres, so they wouldn't twist into place. I shall modify and try again.

This part was made for 2020 profiles with slot 6 and therefore will probably not fit other 2020 profiles. But files are included so just modify away =). If it works out for you maybe post a remix - i am sure somebody else will need it.

These are friggin brilliant. Thanks so much!

Very cool but I don't know how to work with iges files. I need a 4mm Version. Can you explain it to me or upload a 4mm Version? Would be great.

Hi, i will upload one till the end of the month.

Anyone got problem when slicing? In cura infill will disappear and in s3d it looks completly broken.

As you can see from the drawing (the dashed lines in the .pdf file) they were designed to be hollow, so you probably will not have any infill because there are just outer layers. Hope that helps.
If you would rather have the solid model i could upload that also.

As a sidenote, i used Slic3r for the slicing part.

Thanks for your reply. I am sorry it was totally my fault. 1. It says that it's hollow. 2. I had wrong settings in s3d.

I am happy it worked out!