Modern Home - Furniture / Doll House / Architecture Furnishing

by gametree3dprintscenics Oct 29, 2017
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What scale are these drawn in?

Love this set, but I really wish I could separate the objects without Cura exploding everything into random sizes and pieces. Is there an easy way to split this up if I don't want every piece? Or do I just need to find another program?

Found this thread and people are recommending a few different free tools, meshmixer could also maybe be an alternative.

Edit (forgot link)

just tried Netfabb from autodesk (free 30 day trial), works great splitting.

Thanks so much!! I had no idea

Can you point me to software that I can use to trim the bottom? Adding support enables me to print it, however the print time goes from 22 minutes (furniture alone) to 85 minutes (w/support). This is using Cura. Please see pic. Thanks

Hi -- Tried to print this and it looks like it's in the air, so for some reason my extruder tries to print it that way.

Sorry to hear; it sounds like you just printed the file straight from the download and didn't cut/trim/add supports or level the design parts with your print bed to maximize your cohesion with the print !!

Thanks for your quick response. That's exactly what I did, lol. Yeah, I'm a newby. My print bed is level, but I'm not sure how to level the design parts. However, I'll add supports and see if that works.

If your on Windows 10 you should have 3d builder with your OS and you can select the object and then in the tab for Object or Edit (I can't recall) use the "split" button to cut sections of the build to a manageable amount. And in the same Object / Edit use the "level" button to bring the model at level with the ground.