Surprise Egg #2 - Tiny Fork Lift

by agepbiz Oct 29, 2017
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I like your idea for a Premium Suprise Eggs! Congratulations for your designs! They are amazing, I know, I said it before!

love the cool little forklift

100 microns
Where is this adjustment at using Cura 3.5.0 slicer

Tried printing this a couple of times now. Even increasing the size caused the same issue. One of the forks won't print correctly. See image. Do you know what is going on? All the other trucks print great and move perfectly.

It was heppening to me where print times are too short and the filament can't cool enougt.. Try changing the minimal print speed in small areas, in Repetier host I use this triggering in areas below 5 seconds printing time to slow down until 10 mm/s and it solves the problem

Amazing, I'm new to 3D printing, my son loves the surprise egg series. He just wants more and more of them. He shows them to his friends and they are all wowed. It's incredible that such small objects can have moving parts. Proper calibration is essential to successfully printing these however, the first time I tried printing the excavator my nozzle height was too high and the print came off. I levelled the bed and adjusted the nozzle height using a piece of non-stick aluminum foil (thicker than regular foil) and have been successful ever since.

Awesome! Thank you for the nice words!

Should i print the egg also 0.1 slice no supports ? Speed 40mm/min ? I'm using pla. Thanks for your help.

Print the egg standing at 0,1mm. No support and No raft. I use default speed recommended by my slicer profile.

Any printing suggestions ? Which side do you lay on the bed ? Supports ?

Print it on its side, the same way the file is oriented. NO support and NO raft. Print at 0,1mm layer.

I tried printing the fork lift with supports but can't get them off. Failure. Also tried printing the fire engine. Also a failure.

I suggest that you read and follow print settings recommended i description before you comment fail

I am sorry the prints faild, but these are designed to be printed without support, and that is very important

You are a genius! :)

That is an exaggeration, but thank you! :)

I had no issues printing this in slic3r, but when I tried in Cura - the app seemed to close the gaps on the bottom, and now none of the parts move. I must be missing some setting - as the 3d representation of the model in cura even shows a flat bottom with no gaps... EDIT: I just realized that it was slic3r that was wrong - your model shows a flat bottom, so I must be overextruding. Such a tiny little model, having some issues with adhesion on those first few layers (especially for that tiny dot that gets moved so often)...


if I print the egg in 100% size then everything fits perfectly. If I print the egg in 200% size then I have too much clearance between the two halves (especially the hinge). Is it possible that you create a 200% version of the egg so I do not have to scale it with the slicer?

Kind Regards

I have added upscaled version of the Fork Lift and the Egg (fork_lift_large_200.STL and fork_lift_egg_large_200.STL), scaled to 200% with adjusted tolerance. I have not testprinted the files myself, please let me know how well they work

Thanks. I will print it tonight and let you know how it fits.

How did it print?
I got this one to work by scaling it, but now I will try the fork_lift_large_200.STL.

Ok, I just need to say how incredible this model is. Somehow, i managed to print this on my ANET A8 and it came out absolutely flawless first time. I was 100% sure the halves of the egg would stick together, but nope, just a little prying and pop it opened. And the forklift worked straight off the bed with no afterwork. Thank you so much and I look forward to your next models

Thank you! Thats is great

any suggestion to print this with dlp?

Hey after printing the egg I have had a very hard time opening it. Any advice or is my printer just too inaccurate and fused the pieces.

What printer do you have? Often if the parts gets fused its because the printer is overextruding. Try lowering the feed rate (in Simplify3D this setting is called Exteusion Multiplier, might be called something else in another slicer)

For some reason when I print a single egg it turns out fine but when I try to print 3 at once the eggs come off the plate about half way through the print. Has anyone run into this issue?

If you are using Cura, try to enable "Z hop" (google it)
and/or lower your travel speed

Comments deleted.

I'm having issues with what looks like the second layer . Please see picture.

Is the issue repeatable? Can it be an issue in the gcode? Try slice it again?

I will try again. I'm using the generic slicer that came with my printer. I'm looking into switching. Which do you use or prefer?

I did invest in Simplify3D just recently, and it did a much better job than my old slicer out of the box

This one might just be too much of a challenge for my printer (MP Select Mini v2). I sliced the stl with Cura using .1mm layer height, .8mm shell thickness, fill density 40%, print temp 215, bed temp 40 with blue painter's tape on the bed. Had a lot of cleanup to do in order to get the wheels to move. Cleaned up in the nooks around the lift but still cannot get it to move. Maybe a cooler printing temp?

Cleanup because of strings and oozing? Or did the printer overextrude and the moveable parts fused? If because of oozing then try increasing the retraction time. Try lowering the extrusion multiplier if you are overextruding

Thanks for the tips; I will try it out. The problem is with parts fusing. I don't see a setting for extrusion multiplier; are you referring to the flow %, the filament diameter, or something else?

Flow % is the setting on my printer for extrusion. It had me confused for a while.

Comments deleted.

Thank you!

I appreciate the info. I'm a total noob to 3D printing, so I am trying to learn as much as possible. It's quite a bit different than CNC machining. I'm looking into affordable CAD software to use with my printer, so every bit of input helps.

I use tinkered as a beginner cad software(even though its a website)

Just printed this one. Great work on the modeling. If you don't mind me asking, what software did you model this in?

Thanks! Yeah I saw the make. Thank you for uploading the photo, I really enjoy seeing the makes. I am using 3ds Max

great job!!
could you do an egg with a heart inside?
Thanks a lots

One thing I would love to see if you can make this tiny is a Firetruck. I've always love fire trucks since I was a kid.

a beautiful idea and a nice design ... thanks

Thank you for the nice comment! :)

May I ask, what print speed do you make this at? I have been trying with smaller models such as this, and my layers are not cooling quick enough.

There is a setting in Cura in the cooling area, might be hidden (goto setting to unlock it), call Minimum Layer Time, it is set by default to 5 seconds.

Try building more than one thing at once so that each layer has more time to cool while it prints the next part.

Comments deleted.

I use my slicers default settings (150mm/s)? Have you tried printing several at once, so the printer have to print more before going to the next layer?

Can I print all the eggs at once? Instead of printing one by one?

Thank you that will great to know

Looks like someone re-uploaded this as their own https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2667728

Thank you for notifying me!

No problem at all. I immediately recognized it as your work. Your models are fantastic. My wife told me the dump truck in an egg is her favorite printed thing to show people.

Thank you very much for the nice words sir! They are very motivating! And that is needed now because having my things ripped off kills the motivation. Luckily the re-uploaded files have been taken down now

Great work keep them coming.

Thank you! I'll try :) And thank you for sharing photos of your prints of them, I enjoy watching them!

Comments deleted.

Are you planning any more in this series? Because these are really, really exceptionally neat!

By the way, I uploaded the third addition to this series a week ago: :)

Surprise Egg #3 - Tiny Wheel Loader
by agepbiz

Awesome! Loving your work.

Thank you! Yes I hope to expand the series. I have some ideas for #3 that I want to test out

Amazing and you are a very talented guy.

Thank you for the compliment!

Printed beautifully, thanks for sharing! Design more!!

Amazing design, thank you so much for sharing your craft!