Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Cyborg Beast

by JorgeZuniga Mar 2, 2014
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no support on the Google+ site either. Unfortunate that such a worthy cause has no following/support

Support is lacking\non existent here. Check out the google+ group: https://plus.google.com/communities/102497715636887179986

I printed the 10 finger parts, left palm and normal gauntlet with tensioner all at 120% I had to downsize the tension blocks to 100%(they a bit loose- I may try 110%).

All printed at .2mm using PLA. The Palm and Gauntlet need supports.

Could not be more disappointed. First attempt was at 120% and the holes are very small. Tried to drill them out and most of the parts broke. Tried again at 150% (adult size not child sized) and holes still too small, but the holes were able to be drilled. I bought the hardware kit so I'm sort of stuck building 2 of this POS. Will try the e-nable site for support.

Me as well. Printed at 125%. Haven't tried drilling out the holes yet, but if I'm careful, it may work yet..

Is a hole missing in the palm? The videos show 3 Chicago screws in the palm but there are only two holes.

It is impossible to drill the holes in a 100% sized Thumb_Phal model to 7/32 inch without cracking the plastic. I'm trying to work around the problem by uploading the STL to Tinkercad and modeling new 7/32 inch holes. The UI doesn't make it easy. Please post STEP files (or any other format that behaves well when imported into Fusion 360 - STLs don't behave well) along with STLs for your components!

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Same problem when printing at 120%. Very poor design.
The downloaded files look nothing like the pictures.

I have to say that I’m very confused. Thingiverse contains way more files than are needed to produce the hand, there are apparently different options and it’s not at all clear how to select among them. When I look at the assembly videos the parts they’re working with – particularly the gauntlet – look nothing like the gauntlet that I printed and therefore must mount the Velcro and padding differently. Not clear how the mechanical parts that I purchased map to the printed parts.

PLEASE create a video that describes the assembly of the parts that actually download from Thingiverse!

I cannot print because its a 3D object file. I am using simplify3d to slice it but it wont allow me to until it is an .stl file.

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Hello! I printed the right palm and the design was wrong :( . It has a lot of holes, somebody has the correct right palm??

Any luck finding the fixed right palm file. It looks like there are a ton of polygons facing the inside of the part which is totally messing up the support placement.

Can the owner of these files post them in ( .step ) format ? id like to machine these out of metal .


I am doing my test hand and need some help. I just went threw and ordered all the material from the PDF except for the Sleeve
arm protector because the link is no longer valid. Does anyone have a valid part number for the Sleeve arm protector???



Hi! Its better to print it in ABS or PLA???

It's my very first try. I'm having a difficulty of printing a Gauntlet with Tension. I guess that the base seems so narrow and doesn't stick well on the bed. Do I better use a raft to print the Gauntlet?

Where can i find the STL's for the updated models pictured and described here: http://www.cyborgbeast.org/#/devices ?

This is my 2nd time building a Cyborg Beast. I had great success with the first version. I've printed the new moveable thumb cyborg beast. Some of these pins don't seem to fit, have others experienced this issue? Seems like I'll have to scale the pins at a few different percentages to find the right fit. I haven't found much for information on the moveable thumb cyborg beast, lets hear from those who have built one, any tips?

Is it possible to add a thumb to a hinge gauntlet or do you need to have a normal gauntlet to do that?

I'm seeing that the documentation included has not kept up with the changes to the hand. Is there any updated documentation out there that mentions the foam and Velcro configurations for the new 2 hole forearm and 2 hole hand? And before anyone else posts links to .pdfs, please verify that they exist before you do so. I've been referred to 2 different urls already for the assembly instructions and both have been non-existent files. Thanks!

Great design. My middle-school 3D Printing and Design class is building, testing, and evaluating most of the different hand designs on enablingthefuture.org, but we are having trouble locating and printing out the plastic finger pins and knuckle pins shown in your first photo (the pink, yellow, and purple hand) because we do not want to have to buy the screws. Please let me know where to download the pins from as I do not see them here or elsewhere. Thanks, Cameron

Could you please let me know when are you releasing the next generation of the cyborg beast. ?

Thank you,

I have now short question. I have noticed that there is only two of the fingers. I assume one of them is the thumb but then for the rest fingers can you tell me how would you scale them on Y-axis ? I mean what the scale values for every finger?

How am I supposed to resize the stl file if it's just in one piece! Please someone respond with an answer.

You can use slicer software. For instance, when you're using Cura, you can scale the whole model at one time.
There are, however, files for all of the separate pieces on this page.

hello someone who could help me I can not download files tells me that the file can not be used as a list of trusted certificates. if someone could help me as I downloaded I would greatly appreciate it , thanks .

If you can figure out how to download it, you can still use it. However, you can not double-click it to open it. You have to open it from inside the 3D-editing/slicing software that you use.

Hey dude, can u please tell me the list of screws i need to get to make this. I made all the fingers so far with my printer and i am so impressed. I actaully 12 years old and i finished building my k8200 3d printer 5 months ago and i wanted to start make prosthetics for kids who dont have hands. So please sned me list of screws to buy.

There is hardware kit for the Cyborg Beast available from 3D Universe
In the description it lists the kit's contents

I'm excited to make this!!!! I just got a 3D printer and also volunteer at a local hospital. I hope to offer some alternative services there for those that can not afford regular run-of-the-mill prosthesis.

Thank you so much for sharing this on Thingiverse!

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Hello Professor, I'm trying to print your cyborg beast fingers with bumps but I can't slice them, for some reason it just doesn't work, here's a picture after slicing it http://i.imgur.com/8RrCDKL.jpg

Finger without bumps works just fine, except that my cheap 3d printer don't have the best quality, do you recommend and settings?

I got the kit from 3d universe but I cant seem to get the tensioner strings leading up to the gaunlet tight engugh without them wanting to pop when the wrist closes

We printed the right palm.stl and parts of it did not print. All the other parts printed fine. We are using a Dimension SST 1200es 3D printer. When I looked at the .stl file in my preview/setup software to prepare for printing, it appears there are slices of the right palm.stl missing, so when it prints, there are parts missing. Could you send me an updated right palm.stl or even the CAD file of the part?

Hi! It happend the same to me. Could you get the correct CAD????? no one answers me

I am trying to print this off for a school project and I am wondering what the dimensions would have to be for this to fit a person comfortably and how much it can lift and endure.

Download the "Cyborg Beast Instruction Manual" PDF file
That contains instructions on scaling the parts to required hand size, measure across the knuckles of the non-affected hand and place that value in the equation detailed in the PDF file or even the hand-o-matic http://webapp.e-nable.me/ selecting the Cyborg Beast model.

That link to the pdf file is no good. I am about to make the hand for someone and want to scale it.
Never mind, found the file under thing files.

We made a hand that was 127% original size. PRO-TIP: Tensioner ended up working best at 100%, despite our hand being at 127%.

Probably because the holes don't scale as well as they should.

try 2.

Several of the hands and the instructions say there are slots in the gauntlet STL... but no where in these STL's is there a gauntlet with the slots? Can u please provide that file or some direction to where I might get that file?

Sorry we are very busy updating and designing new types of devices. As far as the picture of the old gauntlet, we removed that gauntlet due to replacing it with a much stronger version. You will have to drill two holes and use chicago bolts to attach the velcro on the top (Not sides) of the gauntlet. Sorry for the delay.

Several of the hands and the instructions say there are slots in the gauntlet STL... but no where in these STL's is there a gauntlet with the slots? Can u please provide that file or some direction to where I might get that file?

JorgeZuniga answered that above.

I was wondering when you would be releasing the arm .stl file for the Cuborg Beast?

It can be printed on the XYZ da vinci 1.0 printer?

Several of the hands and the instructions say there are slots in the gauntlet STL... but no where in these STL's is there a gauntlet with the slots? Can u please provide that file or some direction to where I might get that file?

JorgeZuniga answered that above.

Thanks a lot jorge so Im going to buy it :)

It can be printed on the XYZ da vinci 1.0 printer?

I printed one on an XYZ da vinci jr. 1.0 and the only thing i had to do was add supports when printing all of the parts.

Sorry, I found the note regarding the yet-to-be release of the ulna and radius version; but would still like some tensioner info.

Do the files include all the various modifications? Specifically for the beast with the "complete" wrist movement. And can someone post a link for a source for the dial tensioners?

Thanks in advance:)

The tensioners is a modification we use in our research. We get them off of snowboard and ski boats. There are files that have a separate tensioner block that is 3D printed. You can see them in the digital designed photos.

What strength of nylon cord would you recommend using? I'm thinking about using 50lb braided microfilament fishing line. Would that be strong enough?

That would work very well! We are currently using just a nylon braided cord.

Soz for being newb - but I read the news article about the Cyborg Beast and it touched me. I'd like to help out and further my knowledge about using 3D printers. I can splash out a little and was wondering what size Makerbot printer should I buy to make a child's Cyborg Beast hand? I was considering buying the fifth generation desktop printer. Thanks.

We have printed these hands on the makerbot printers (replicator 2 and 2x 4th generation). We also have had great success with the ultimaker 2

Great job, Thanks for sharing this

Is it true a Malaysia press report this is a cooperation between enablingthefuture.org with local companies in Malaysia named pebblereka.com?
In the newspaper report it was stated that the mechanical hand (prosthetic devices ) was design by pebblereka.com.

It is also stated that the cost is MYR300 - 500 (usd 90 - 200) for children ages 12 years and over.

Enablingthefuture.org should email the editor to avoid confusion and clear the reputation of the good name of this organization because I know you are working voluntarily to the world community. Thank you

The newspaper editor email =
[email protected]

Comments deleted.

Question: What scaling factor would I use to print this out for a 40 year old? I'm trying 150%, but does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Solomondg! Generally when we are making a hand for someone, it depends on the size of the affected palm. This way the hand fits correctly. Also, compare sizes to their non affected hand. We have made a hand for a 26 yr that was 180% but he was a much taller person. Hope that kind of helps out! Let me know if you have any questions though!

how do you convert the file to gcode to print it

You use the STL files with the slicing program that came with your printer.

Comments deleted.

FANTASTIC! I have printed several hands, various sizes to experiment. I can't seem to get any size to work with Chicago Screws. The screws seem way too big for the hand. I purchased all of the recommended sizes of the screws but they don't fit. I drilled some of them to be bigger but they either cracked the plastic or were so tight that the fingers did not bend. Am I the only one with issues related to the Chicago screws? Anyone find something better to use? I won't be using the hand for a real person - we are using in an engineering class focused on adaptive technologies and prosthetics.

Hi Kmaxey,

You do need to drill out the holes for the Chicago bolts to fit correctly. If you use a #4 drill bit and just drill slow, then you should be good. Depending on the size of the hand, you may need to use smaller drill bits first so you don't take out too much plastic out at once. Don't force the drill, let it due the work. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Hello there, i will be sending this to the printer tomorrow for a five year old kid, got the scaling done, but when im looking through all the files i can seem to get the tensioners. Can anyone mail this to me, You can mail me on [email protected]

Thanks Artie

Hi Artie, What tensioner are you having trouble with?

Hi JorgeZuniga, I've managed to get it , my apoligises, Thanks for replying

Hey Jorge!

Have you thought about making a elbow mount? for those with no hands? Would definitely be interested in that.

Hi Nekard, We already have that design done. We are just finalizing the files and will be posting those on here shortly.

Hi Jorge!

I'm on a student senior project team working on designing, building, and testing a prosthetic hand for an active duty Navy SEAL. We were wondering if we could have access to the original Solidworks files so that we can make modifications for the open source community. It would be much appreciated!


Hi Michael, we are not releasing the solidworks/fusion files for this, just the STL. But you can make the modifications in the program called Blender.

Thanks for your work to get this up! Where are you getting this dial type tensioner? You may want to put it in your post.


We are getting them from old ski/snowboard boots.

hola soy de Colombia y quisiera saber en que programa puedo abrir el archivo para poder imprimir la mano.... gracias

Depende de lo que usted tiene impresora 3D . Por ejemplo, si usted tiene la Ultimaker 2 , se usaría Cura . Para la mayoría de las impresoras , sin embargo, que probablemente podría utilizar Slic3r . ¡De nada!

hello can anyone help me 3d print?
my wife is 27 and has had abs from birth, I would love to make this for her!
if anyone can help me please contact me through email on [email protected]

Please let me know if you have not found anyone to print the components

I can't download the .pdf instruction manual- can someone email it to me? [email protected]

Should be able to now =)

Hola Jorge, Primeramente te mando un saludo desde México y una felicitación por tu trabajo.
Hay manera que pudieras compartir con nosotros con que configuración de slice hiciste la impresion?

I am lost on what settings to use... I am using a Makerbot Replicator 2.
What I would like to know:

of Shells?


Did you get a response? I have the same questions.

So sorry for the long wait!! Here is the information
Infill? Depends on age. We usually do 30% infill.

of Shells? 2

Temp? Depends on Plastic recommendations. But 230 c is safe estimate for all types.
Speed? For better quality, lower your speed to 60mm/sec extrusion and 90mm/sec for traveling
Orientation? The same as the objects load onto the build plate. We designed the STL files for ease of use so you do not need to change much.

Also, what do you estimate the cost of the plastic to be and if anybody knows the approximate weight of plastic being used, thatd be great. sorry for the specific questions. i am trying to get a sponsor for our team to print these.

The cost of just the plastic is about $10 at about 30-40% infill. We have used 3mm and 1.75mm plastic both abs and pla and other types as well

hi jorge
I am a student of biomedical engineering, I am from Colombian and I would like to know which software you use to create these models.

thus to contribute to designing mine have some experience in cad software, autocad use but is a bit complicated to work with this software these so I like to know what software you use to do better and so to perform best design

Thanks for your attention and I hope I can collaborate

Hello. We used Blender for this design. Take care p_munar!

me puedes contactar a [email protected]
gracias mil

Hello Jorge,
thank you very much for all this information.
I would like to help our people in Colombia so we create a foundation called imprimiendo suenos.
I have just a small printer XYZ da vinci.
Can i please have this files on stl?
i am donating every thing regardless country, age, sex, etc.
but i need stl files.
thank you so much
nuevamente gracias por toda tu ayuda

Para obtener los archivos .stl , se puede ir a los "Ficheros" pestaña en la parte superior . Después hacer clic en cualquier archivo que desea descargar.

To get the .stl files, you can go to the "Files" tab up at the top. You then click whichever files you want to download.

Los archivos son casi todos stl, lo que pasa es que estan en zip folders.

Hi JorgeZuniga

I am helping someone 17 years old with one thumb on right hand
I cant decide which one to print "Cyborg_Beast_Thumb_Cut_Out_1.45_07-1-14" or "No_Thumb_Palm_One_Hinge_Gauntlet"?

Looking at the scale chart I see that it goes to 16 age and stops. Should I be scaling with %145?
And I wonder about fingers; there is only one finger file. Are all the fingers printed in same length?
And when I scale a finger with %145 it gets to a length 57,80 plus phalange scaled. Isnt it a bit long finger Am I doing it wrong?

I know its a lot of asking here :)


Hello Serdar
You need the Cyborg Beast thumb cut out and the no thumb palm one hinge gauntlet. Let me know if have need help scaling it. how did 145% work?

thank JorgeZuniga
i try new design but files CB_1.45 gauntlet (tensioner).stl i cant print with new design
i user replicator 2x
pl accept to group my email is [email protected]

Hello Neovn. The new gauntlet is not printing? Can you specify the problem?

Are there any CAD files for the design (Solidworks, etc.), for more control over scaling, or are there only STL's?

Sorry for the late response. We have posted the STL, but also the Blender files.

Some people in Argentina(3dlab&fabcafe) are saying to the local media they are the designers of this.... And they are trying to make a great Hipe. I haven't seen any media or interview where they state this project is this or at least was used as basis every picture is identical to this design. They state Gino tubaro is the designer! Can you believe it??

I have talked to Rodrigo and Gino about this issue. I'm from Chile so I'm familiar with the media in Argentina and the rest of South America. I hope our online community, like you, can provide the correct information to people. Ahntlia thank you so much for your help. As long as people are getting this device at no cost who cares who designed it. Take care and thank you again for your help!

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Thank you for the info!

Buenas tardes Jorge, espero que hables Español (Spanish), descargue los archivos STL y los cargué en el Objet Studio de la Impresora Eden260V de Stratasys, pero al validar el stl del archivo "Left_Palm_Cyborg_Beast_7.0", me aparece que este se encuentra abierto, trate de repararlo con netfabb-basic_5.1.1 pero el error persiste usted me pdría ayudar con este inconveniente?

Ayer pusimos unos archivos mas recientes "Cyborg_Beast_1.3_Marc Petrykowski_5_29_2014". Nosotros arreglamos 523 de 587 non-manifold vertices que estaban abiertos. Si el error persiste click continue en tu programa or ignora el error. Espero que esto te ayude!

Hi guys, I just download the stl files, but the gauntlet come with no hole to fix the palm, is this correct? Will I drill it ?

Hello. Great job this will really change the lives of many people. Questions. I want to print one but I have doubts assembly. What kind of wire is used for tensioning? is some elastic thread, is is common thread? Thank you very much Greetings from Argentina

You need elastics and nylon strings (the same used for curtains). And yes it's common. Especially in DIY jewelry shops. (Or http://taobao.comtaobao.com or http://alibaba.comalibaba.com if you are comfortable with China AND/OR adventurous)

Thank you Kolia!

Hello I am using a uPrint Pro to print the right hand model for a young girl in my area. I am having an issue with the right hand and the fingers, for now these are the only issues. What happens when I go to print them is the bottom portion of the hand, anything after the top curvature is dropped from the print. The issue with the fingers is the tips are not part of the finger, it puts support between the tips and the finger. When I clean the fingers, the tips are seperated from the main finger piece. Glue will fix the issue, but I would like it to actually print out whole, as I believe this is how it was designed to be, as one piece. Any ideas or reasons as to why I am experiencing this issue? I have looked through most of the comments and I did not come across anyone else having this issue. I will dig deeper to see.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

I tried using the files within Peter Binleys Fix, and it came out worse. Are these designed only to print with MakerBot units? The original 'Robohand' printed fine. Thank you for your time.

Hello zelbst
We have some other users with a similar issue. My guess is that the issue may be related to slicing the files. We have no issues with our MakerBot units, but we want everyone to have a good experience. Have you tried the files we posted yesterday? Marc has fixed some of the open mesh. Sorry for the late response zelbst.

Is it possible to get the original files ? or STEP file. ?

The Blender files are posted on a zipped folder.

You mention that you added the right palm, is it any different than just mirroring the left palm ? (what I did in Cura since I wanted to print a right hand).

Yes! we just mirror the left palm.

hello, i'd like to make this, but I haven't done like this, so could you tell me how to open these file?
i have done google, but i couldn't way to open this.
only i can understand is i have to install Blender. but is this enough to print them by 3Dprintar?
i am very sorry, but if you could, it'd be most helpful

Hello Yuh
You don't have to install Blender. Your 3Dprintar should have a software that will open stl files. So go to the software for your 3Dprintar and open the stl files from there.

Amazing what a brilliant idea my hats off to you sir all of you :)

Where can I get more info to get one started for my 19 year old son and what cost it would be?

I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for providing this design to the community! Can't wait to try this out. Take care!

Thank you daudside.

For others stepping by: a few comments about printing (in PLA here) from what I read and experienced:

  • You probably want to print the fingers and phalanges on their side, so that the layers are not in the exact directions of the constraints when the hand is used (do you see what i mean? less risk to delaminate). On the other hand (:-p) , doing this will degrade the pointy tips of the fingers and the side which will be supported. Up to you to decide what you want, fancy looking or more resilient. Unless somemone has a printing orientation that fits boths?
  • The gauntlet can be printed without any support, vertically.
  • For the palm i didn't find better than printing it with a huge support under it. And it was a pain to remove afterwards, but didn't find other option. Any idea?

That's how I print the palm as well. One thing that helped is using Simplify3D as a slicer, as it generates support that's easy to remove. In particular, it can leave a one layer gap between the support and the supported material, so the palm ends up resting on top of the support, not bonded with it, so the support is quite easy to remove. The other fantastic thing about Simplify3D is that you can manually control where it generates support, so you can (for example) generate support for the arch of the palm, but not in the screw holes and bridges over the knuckles. The result is that the print is very clean, and the support is easy to remove.
The newer versions of MakerWare also do a pretty good job with support, but IMO Simplify3D, with its manual controls, gives the best results.

Thank you Laird!

Thanks Laird, I will give a try to Simplify3D ! I've always used Cura exclusively so far (Ultimaker sect :-p) However it also allows to put a gap between the support and the part... but maybe I've been too shy and i need to increase it. And no way to choose where to put the support. Interesting.

Hello, is there any way to extend the device so it emulates a portion of the forearm? im missing my left hand and a portion of my forearm and was interested in getting this printed. but if its only designed to be a prosthetic for the hand it might be too short.

Hello 952pin. I'm a core member of e-NABLE (http://enablingthefuture.org/)http://enablingthefuture.org/). There are a group of folks at e-NABLE trying to accomplish this task. Robohand (http://www.robohand.net/)http://www.robohand.net/) has a system in place for the entire arm named "Roboarm". They also posted their files here in Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/robohand/designs)http://www.thingiverse.com/rob....

Sorry not good at this , to fit over a hand to help with grip strength ?

Hello Chomie51. At this point that will be difficult, but our team is developing new devices that may help those with arthritis. We are at a very early stages, but will keep you updated.

No, for children and people missing fingers. To replace the hand.

Jorge, I have a daughter who has serve arthritis and can't away uses her hands. My question is could your hand be modified to f

(If I may: the thing info is very confusing, it's hard to figure out what to print together in the thing files after, not clear if everything is compatible or if they are some set)
Working on one RIGHT NOW! This is brilliant, and the eNable community too. Made my week.

Thank you for your feedback Kolia. As soon as the semester ends I will organize the files and the description. Please feel free to propose any organization format. Thanks again!

The last .zip set with the version 1.2 is exactly what was missing when I posted my initial comment. Much easier to sort out what (the latest) to print like this. Thanks! (well, except now i feel I want to re-print this latest set :-p )

There appears to be a facelet normal problem with one of the facets in the right palm. I got an error whilst opening the file in SolidWorks & in FormLabs PreForm 1.3

I will ask Marc (my research assistant) to work on this issues. We will keep you updated.

A 3d printer in every school to create the next set of entrepreneurs and a new workforce in the long run. This will allow the students to fail on their inventions, refine, fail refine and accept failure is a great thing... While we are ate it have them make projects like this hand for disabled people. Yes this is certainly the direction we need to go.

First let me say that this is an awesome remix! My son is incredibly excited to see this design, th eonly problem is that I can not get it to print. I have tweaked settings on my Makerbot 2X and the build keeps lifting off the platform. I have tried printing both with and without rafts ad/or supports and each time at about 5%-7% of the print it starts to go haywire, spewing out spaghetti. I thought maybe it was my printer, but I have successfully printed other objects that I have created or downloaded from Thingiverse. Any help and or suggestions on how I can get this to work would be most appreciated. I have spent all weekend trying to get this done as a project wth my 11 year old, but so far am not successful. Thank you!

Hello mflynn
What files are you using? We recently updated the files, so perhaps that may be the problem. If you let me know I can print those files on my rep 2x and see if I encounter the same issues. You can always try different files to see if it works. The rep 2x sometimes gets really temperamental.

I'm having trouble printing the Finger_Screw_Key file. The hex wrench piece doesn't appear to be flush with the build plate, along with the finger and screw.

jorgeee, muchasss graciass creoq ue pude resolver el problema, lo que hice fue descargar la palma izquierza y esta si estaba bien y lista para imprimirrr, graciasssssss por la ayuda

con respecto a lo que te comente, la parte Right_Palm aparecia con un color oscuro mientras que las otras partes aparecian normal en un color mucho mas claro, y creo que aunque la palma esta en archivo stl no es compatible con la impresora zprinter 150 y quisiera saber en que prgrama la hiciste y si me puedes enviar el original y tratar de nuevo para ver si la impresora lo imprime, aqui te dejo mi correo ([email protected]), me seriaaaa de muchaa utilidad si me pudieras responder para mañana viernes 28 antes de las 5. gracias

hola jorge buenas noches, te hablo para darte las buenas noticias de que acabo de imprimir la mano en una impresora de la marca zprinter 150, pero paso un problema, todas las piezas salieron de maravillas en la impresion pero no se imprimio la parte
Right_Palm, en que la diseñaste?

buenas tardes amigo....realmente lo felicito por este maravilloso prótesis... realmente estoy interesado en imprimirlo en mi maquina 3D....ME GUSTARIA POR MEDIO DE SU INVENTO OTORGARLE SONRISA Y APOYO A ESA GENTE QUE POR ALGUNA RAZON NO TIENEN SUS MANITAS COMPLETAS...REALMENTE LO FELICITO POR TAN MARAVILLOSA CREACION....
Tengo un problemita....me he descargado todo los archivos pero en mi programa de impresión me dice que la piezas no estan completas y por ende no puedo imprimirlo... tengo una printrbot simple 2013 y utiliza filamento pla... me gustaría que me ayudara en esto.. saludos

I'd like to know if the materials are waterproof, because i'd like to make a prosthetic to use while I surf or for swiming. Thank you so much for your dedication, great job.

PLA is not water soluble.. It will be fine in the water

In the instructions, it says to "Measure the knuckle area" - Can anyone please clarify what exactly this means?

I'm guessing this refers to the distance from the small finger to pointer finger at the biggest knuckle (e.g. D2 to D5 MCP joints). Thanks!

You can find a complete explanation in the user's instructions of the Snap Together Robohand, page 4. I think it is the same process. This is the file: https://thingiverse-production.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/30/48/5d/92/b1/Snap_Togeather_Robohand_Instructions.pdfhttps://thingiverse-production...

What exactly is the "Z" for on the hand? Just wondering if Shea wanted there or something.

Jorge, what do you think of incorporating something like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:274411http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... over the lines where they run across the back of the hand? It looks like there's room. Nick's idea was that if the lines were locked down, then the fingers would be held in place and people could (for example) maintain grip on things without having to keep their wrist pressing at an angle. What do you think?

Customizable Cable Lockdown V2
by laird

What are you software are you guys printing with?The palm is lifted off the bed for me because of the the slightest bit of the thumb hinge. This actually adds a number of problems to the ease of printing with a couple free slicers I am finding. Full support on Slic3r fills the holes and is overkill, Cura for me has it's own problems I am trying to work out. Wouldn't so many more people be able to print if it were at least a flat base to start out with instead of floating in the air?

I'm having similar issues with pieces being lifted off the build plate. Any solution?

I'm having the same problem.

I did find a solution actually. Using CURA, in the advanced settings there is an option to "cut off object bottom" it lowers the object by whatever .mm you enter. I dropped it 2mm and printed much easier.

Has anyone tried parachute cord? I know sjcoledesign mentioned kevlar Cord but I don't think they are exactly the same. Parachute cord is cheaper, it is easier to find, and has many colors.

Hello Jeremy
I included the video on the instruction section of this thing!

Is there any way for me to be able to get the original cad of this ?

Very impressive variation. I made a similar version but not as organic. Your's is much more aesthetic. One suggestion. Lose the fishing line tendons. Use kevlar cord (aramid fiber) because the fishing line has some stretch to it. Kevlar is extremely strong (bulletproof vests), has virtually no stretch and is extreme flexible. Look for it on ebay, model rocketry enthusiasts use it for the parachute cord.

Unfortunately, unprotected Kevlar is highly prone to UV degradation.

Thank you! I will try Kevlar.

Good work, any advice on sizing for different kids, people, etc.?

Wow! THAT is awesome. I love the revision. You are going to make a lot of people in need happy with this. Grats! Heck it looks so cool i want to print one just as a toy :P

ive been stalking hands on thingiverse for a bit and so far this has the best design that ive seen! but an issue im running into is that the person i would like to print this for still has a thumb and a partial index... (have pictures if desired) i am thinking i can "delete" the thumb from the file, but i dont know what to do about the partial index. what he has left is about halfway up to his first knuckle on his index. will this effect the wear or functionality of the device?

How many grams of plastic does this take? Also, when xyzware is released (http://us.store.xyzprinting.com/)http://us.store.xyzprinting.co..., it would be great if you could upload to that as well. Great invention by the way!

That is a good question. I don't really know. I will find out and post the requested information.

Has anyone tried to design the screws. I'm thinking that they don't really need to screw. Two pieces that slide together and add some super glue keep them together. I will try to design it. My goal is to show one off at a Maker Fair, but finding the right size appears to be difficult, unless someone can provide a source. This will be a demo that shows what is possible. Maybe I will get an opportunity to actually print one for someone.

That is a great idea. I made some without thead but they broke right away. I will try Nylon this time!

I created a replacement for the Chicago Screw. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:266673http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

You can open it in the Customizer, but it has limited
options. If you open the .scad file in
OpenSCAD you can change the parameters to any size you want. I posted a picture under “Made one” on the
site. The hand held up to kids at the
Nova Mini Maker Faire, so it’s pretty sturdy.
If I were to make one for someone, I would order the Chicago
Screws. However, this would be good for
prototyping and sizing.

Fastener (Replacement for Chicago Screw)

I made a replacement for the Chicago Screws. They held up well at the Nova Mini Maker Faire. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:266673http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
There are limited options in the customizer, but they are completely customizable with the .scad files. The ones I made were 3.5mm for the outer sleeve. They are at least good during prototyping. If I made one for someone, I would order the proper screws. But these would be good to check the fit and function.

Fastener (Replacement for Chicago Screw)

I want to make this hand, but i'm not using makerware. And my slicer is having problem do to holes in my mesh

Have to try meshlab to repair those holes?

El washer va en la muñeca. necesitas dos en cada lado. El Finger es mas largo que el Thumb. La falange del thumb es para el thumb (dedo gordo) y la falange del dedo (Finger) es del dedo. Tu puedes mezclar las partes, el diseno esta hecho para ser creativo!

como funciona la parte llamada, donde va ubicada?

y cual es la diferencia entre el (Finger_CyborgBeast6.4) y (Thumb_Cyborg_Beast) es que uno es mas grande que el otro? ................. la parte llamada (Thumb_Prox_Phalange_Cyborg_Bea) encaja bien el todos los dedos (Finger and thumb_CyborBeast) o solo se usa para unirse el pulgar con la Palm o pude usarse para unir todos los dedos, lo pregunto por que en las imagen vi que solamente usaste el Thumb_Prox_Phalange para hacer la uniones de los dedos y no usaste el

Proximal_Phalange para nada.

hola Jorge Zuniga, quiero felicitarlo por su dedicación y el expLendido trabajo que ha venido haciendo con este proyecto, y poR estar siempre al pendiente de todas las preguntas, de todos sus compañeros y de todo el trabajo que juntos hacemos. GRACIAS

Hello Mararuo
That is the intention. Do you have any advise?

To jump in, I am working on "porting" the Talon design (not my design) into OpenSCAD specifically to make it parametric, but if you're interested in making Cyborg Beast parametric, I'd be interested in working with you to port it into OpenSCAD. It's a beautiful design!

There are many options for making designs parametric. The most popular open source parametric modeling tool is OpenSCAD. And it's used in Thingiverse Customizer, which makes it very easy for people to use parametric designs to generate personalized things.

That being said, OpenSCAD is a programming language, not a GUI modeling tool, so it's a very different kind of tool than, say, AutoCAD or Rhino, which are also parametric.

What do you need laird? The original files? Let me know.

That would be great. What did you do the modeling in? Starting with that, I can see what formats and approach will work.

The first Robohand was parametric, do you plan on doing a parametric version of your absolutely amazing design?