Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Windrad / Wind turbine

by MeisterQ Oct 30, 2017
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Hallo. :-)

Gibt es die Datei für die Nase auch einzeln? Beim Astfällergerald ist sie nur zusammen mit dem Flügelhalter und gedruckten Stiften enthalten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



jeder Slicer kann doch die Files trennen. Also sodass du die Flügel rauslöschen kannst, und dann nur noch die Nase einzeln hast.

In Cura ist die Funktion leider ausgegraut. Aber ich habe einen Umweg über Tinkercad gefunden.
Danke trotzdem.

what are the wings you use ?because there are different sizes ?


im using the big Wings. Its more powerfull

The wings i linked in the describtion are the ones im using

yes i know but he has all different sizes on his page ,so i don't know what to take.

do you have more specs? like what alternator are you using. and how do you charge a battery

Sorry, i dont have any kind of alternator atm connected, and also no bracket. Id suggest a dc brushless motor, 3 phases with an B2U. And for charging well, depents. You cant charge an 12V Car battery with this thing. You could charge up an 18650 Li-Ion Cell with an TP4056 Charging board.

May i know how do you attach the windrad fluegel halter to the black nose cone? Thanks

I used M4 Screws. They go through "windrad fluegel halter m8" through the Wings into the black nose. 2 srews per wing

You mean you used M4 self-tapping screws? I do not see the nuts in the black cone for the M4 screws to secure.

Nope, just normal M4 Screws. There are no Nuts in the black cone. The holes should be tight enough to hold the screws in place. I never lost any screws. Even its winter or summer.

Thank you MeisterQ for the reply

No problem. Hope you like the turbine. Show me your make when the print is done :)


What's the length of the rod on the main holder ? And for the base as well?


I just printed the objects and measured the distance how much i liked and sawd a piece of rod from a meter rod

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Please german or english. Video is available now.