RunCam Split V2 -- Martian II Frame Mount (15,25,30,35 Deg)

by Danimal_FPV Oct 31, 2017
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Scale to 2600% if using CURA

You got a sub, thanks for the designs :-)

Hi. There is a file for 15, 25, 30 and a 50.. is the naming wrong or is it missing a 35 deg mount?

When scaled which setting do you set to 25.4?

i tried to slice your model on Slicer and Cura3d, but in both the model open very small (like 2mm width).
I think there its a scale problem... are you generating this STL on fusion360?
Could you try to solve this problem? I really need this =D

25.4 is the scale (in to mm)

ok, i will try that.

ps. you should add this info on the summary of the file.

Hi !
It is a simple and great design!

I was wondering is you guys have jello using these TPU mount on runcam split?
I need a solution to avoid the stock metal mount that make me to many noise in the VTX picture

Also can these mount be also used for the runcam micro ?

thanks !

I have great results using these - check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edgL0-nsIxo&t=5s

This design solution is for the runcam split v2 -- not a micro camera. The main difference is the width of the cameras -- a micro is ~19mm wide and the split is ~23mm wide. So if you were to try to use these mounts for a micro you'd have ~2mm gap on each side of your camera. The TPU might flex enough and still allow you to mount the camera, but there's no gaurantee

Hello,great video!! sub!!
a question, with witch material have you printed this mount?
i have a split2 too and i have a lot of vibrations on the camera with my actual mounts... im going to try yours

Sainsmart TPU from amazon. About $27 with Prime

thanks for answering! great i have tpu now on my printer!
but i have a problem, when i import the files to cura, the piece is very tinny as you can see in the picture. wich scale i have to use??

25.4 is the scale (in to mm)

Could you make a 25 deg version ?

Done -- should be updated with a 25deg solution also -- happy flying

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