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HEVO (Hypercube Evolution) parts

by mrmadjack Nov 1, 2017
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can you post your oem file for the power supply mount I would need to edit it to fit my PSU.

What did you make the bottom plate out of?? Thinking of updating my Hypercube to look more like your because it's suck a nice build. Did you use the MKS Sbase smoothieware version?

Thanks, i think it was pvc but i'm not sure. Yes i used the MKS Sbase board with smoothie. But if i where to build it again i would save up and buy the duetwifi board, the mks sbase and smoothieware is just to much trouble for what its worth.

Id like to get more info on the filament runout sensor.. Is the box glued? what switch did you use?

The box is glued and i used a standard micro switch.

the probe mount is kinda tight, did you use horizontal offset to it on s3d?

How many chain links did you end up using? I'm doing a 300 cube so I know it will be less but to give myself a number to get printed by someone else...

Which heatbad are you using? Thanks

400x400 silicon heatpad

should've used black extrusions and different shades of green for a proper camouflage look. Nice work though!

Yes, unfortunatly black extrusions where much more expensive in my country. Thanks!!

Sorry, just one thing...

What is the volume of your printer? Are you looking like 300x300x400 am I correct?

Its about 400x400x470

Hi, mrmadjack.
AMAZING your printer!
I would very much like to build a printer like yours ... I really liked your project. Could you help me get the materials (for me to buy exactly the components that you bought) and the settings of both the marlin (if you are using;) and the slicer? I'm a beginner in 3D printing and I really loved the dimensions and looks that you gave your printer. Can you help me, friend?

what kind of "ground" plate, where u fixed all the electronics are you using?

Your question is verry confusing. I ground my heatbed, frame and powersupply. Hope this helps.

sorry... you are using a kind of "housing2 at the bottom of your printer. and that was the question for this material and how you fix all the things to this ?

Ah, its a 3mm hard pvc plate. Just mounted the electronics with some screws and mouting brackets

Are you using 24 or 12 Volt for the electronic?

Hi buddy, really nice design!
I'm working on my own remixed 2020 version but I really liked you TFT32 mount, would you mind sharing the original files in order to remix it for a TFT28 instead? Thanks!

Thanks! I’m working on putting everything in one fusion360 file, so you will have the printer plus my designed parts in one file. Dont know when ill be finished with that tough..

that would be great! i like your idea of how you connected the cable chain to the x catridge. but i already have a bigger cable chain at hand, so i would love to edit it a little bit in fusion.

Heya, do you have a BOM somewhere I could look at, as I would love to make a HEVO myself, and I am having some difficulty finding all the needed parts

Hi, for the original BOM you can go to the thingiverse page of the original Hypercube Evolution.

is this all 2020 ?

Comments deleted.

The Hypercube Evolution is mostly 3030, check the hypercube evoltution thingiverse page for more info.