Gift - Topographical 3D Model of Catskills Lodge Property

by ferret7 Apr 27, 2010

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So is there some way of doing this without paying for data or software?

If you have the topos you can convert using SolidWorks to get the 3D model (very time consuming as each layer must be "traced") - otherwise you need to purchase the maps and the software is the sticky part of the problem - it costs $$$ to do this. ArtSoft-3D is relativity inexpensive (and perfect for the 2d/3D conversion. You could use netfabb for cleanup and boundary cutting. I have many clients (surveyors and architects) ask me to create the models (I don't post them on Thingiverse any more - to many sour-pusses ...)

I got into 3D Scanning/3D Modeling/3D Printing as a hobby +10 years ago - way ahead of the popular craze, (I was making $$$ back then and acquired good software/hardware) Then I got laid off in the great depression - nobody is hiring +60 year old JOATs (Jack Of All Trades) these days, so I've h
ad to fend for myself and like usual I do good at it, good enough to make a fairly decent living at it...

Cool idea, but it smells like another advertisement. When are these types of posts going to be stopped? This is thingiverse and you haven't provided any-thing :(