MP Select Mini Tool Holder for Hex Key's & SD card - Starter's Tool Holder

by stijnvanderheyden Nov 3, 2017
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Hello, nice thing but I'm am interrested by the sofware you use, what is it because your screen menu doesn't display like me .
Have a nice day

It's just the standard software that came with my printer when i bought it in november 2017, could be a newer V1 model.

But how do I USE these numbers? That is not clear from the link to hackaday.

Explanation and likely the source of these numbers, i'm guessing.

when setting layer height in your slicer program. The standard is .175. If you're doing small or fine prints .4375 is the smallest you'd want to go on the standard .4 mm nozzle. Hope that helps

nozzle size determines thickness of each line, it has little to do with optimal layer heights; which were calculated from the pitch of the threaded rod that drives the z-axis.

the one I downloaded on 4/15/18 does not look like this. It's got some box over the ssd card.

Really, really smart and useful. Thanks!

This had to be one of the first things I made; no matter where I left the hex key it was always ending up on the floor. This is super useful.

The only thing that would make it more useful would be if it said "Level your bed!" in big friendly letters above the Magic Numbers, as a reminder.

This is a great idea, my tools are just where I can remember I put them, lol.
This.... this is awesome, thanks

Very nice, my numbers aren't as sharp as yours

What are the magic numbers too?

The 'stepper' moves Z in increments, of these numbers. The best results are multiples of this distance