Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

by 3dglauber Nov 2, 2017
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Well, I've made the other one by ChaosCoreTech, and now I'm trying this one. This looks potentially easier to build, so well done. I look forward to posting a make.

Thank you! Looking forward to your make! May it be worthy! lol

whats the scale for the split handle???

Try scaling up everything 2540%.

soo printing this now. only issue is that the files are scaled way to small. correct size for the hammer is 150mm x 150mm or 2727.27%

Excited to see your results!

2540% for everything. Thats what it always comes out to for anything thats not simplify3D.

Strange. I did 2727 soo I guess the 3/4 dowel is going to be a bit loose. I shall make it all work tho
Will post when it's all done

What should I scale these to in Cura?

Try scaling up everything 2540%.
Example: XYZ for "Hammer" file when scaled up 2540% is:

I'm wanting to put actual leather on the handle, instead of painting it. Is there a way to create a stencil that would allow me to accurately trace it onto leather?

which part of the handle needed the supports exactly?
if you printed it pommel down, would you have been able to avoid that?

anyway to get a handle with a hole for some PVC or wooden dowel so we dont need to worry about it snapping?

I added a new handle if you want to check it out!

Here is an example. If anyone thinks this could be done better I ALWAYS love suggestions to make my prints better!

awesome man, once i get my printer back together ill be printing one of these.
i think the only way to reduce the supposes would be to cut up the new handle even further. and just print multiple pieces like so.
you would still need support for the base and pommel but the other pieces would only need very minimal supports
it would need to be the new handle as cutting it up like this would make it very weak without something inside to support it

I can't remember why i printed it Pommel up. I want to say I did it that way because I thought the detail on the pommel would look better/cleaner if it was printed that way. Honestly though I think it would look the same either way.

Support for the handle kinda went the whole way up, I'll attach a picture of it on Simplify3D.

And sure I'll print a version with a whole to add a pipe or dowl to it for more strength. I'll be honest though, when I'm swinging it around in my classroom (not at students lol) it feels very strong. (Knock on wood. Watch it break next time I hold it lol)