RC Boat - Remix

by Thos Nov 2, 2017
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I printed this for my Montana trip because I have an entire lake to use it on, I'm skeptical about the durability and waterproofness of this so i decided to fiberglass it and go e it a nice paint job. Haven't put electronics in yet but I'm sure its gonna rip. If you wanna see it, I should be in the "made" section

Any YouTube vids of it running?

Can i get motormount please?

Hello guys!
already printed my boat, but I have a problem now :(
After printing the "propeller mount", I can not separate the two pieces...
Can someone help me?
Someone has the parts, but separate?
Thank you very much

Does anyone have the full assembled hull (without the fines rudder cover attached)? Just the 5 hull sections assembled as an STL without the gaps? When I assemble it in meshmixer I see a slight gap. Has anyone gotten around this?

love the design of the hull.. ive done a small remix on mine by making it flat bottom and turned it into a jet boat, still works in progress but runs well.

could you post the stl files? curious to see what it looks like

I'm printing at 100% scale and I'm using epoxy to join the pieces together and I sanded them down so I should have better luck than that guy who made the YouTube video.... Then I'm going to paint it after I hit it with some flexseal

I'm printing this at 70% scale and this is still a huge boat a

I have the boot printed on my CR-10. with 0.32mm layer and in 1.2 scale

what is the length at 1.2? i have a CR10S and would like to know what motor you are planning on using.

@ 1.2 the length will be around 1,2 Meter or 4 foot ...

For my Setup there are some pictures and there you can read "Running now on 2S with a 3800KV motor and a 40C ESC. Just need to optimize the Prop :)"

But ... i think i will change to a 35XX ~2200KV and will power it with 3S ... the small 3800KV motor is a bit overpowered (It´s an "old" 500er Helicopter Motor). With 3S it will run ~ 45.000 rpm ... and i thinks thats too much for the props :)

Just finished the print job ... and build in all the electronics.

Here are some pictures: https://www.facebook.com/rolf.jaeckel/posts/1667831939906975

I just used some parts from me, and some parts from sergey2484.

Just added 2 pieces on Top

Octo: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:119287
Fin: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:168881 (To open the Lid)

i just used the rubberbands to seal windows to seal the top (You can see them on the pictures) and right now i´m starting to test different props.
Also i sanded the downside and used epoxi to get a nice clean surface.

Running now on 2S with a 3800KV motor and a 40C ESC. Just need to optimize the Prop :)

Bucket O' Octopi Fridge Magnet
by schlem
From Under the Sea Fridge Magnets

Also switched to red instead of green :P

I started printing this boat from the original design of sergey2484.
It's printed full scale and i drawn my own extra parts that are necessary.
I'm still working on it to improve it and install a 4mm shaft to fit a nice big prop.
I already did a test, i'll try to upload the video here.

This looks nice ... just send you a message :)

I’ve seen your message.
This eventing I will try to make some time to make pictures and give you some information about my build.

Still waiting :P

Don´t panic ... when you have no time everythin is fine :)
Wishing you a good start in 2018!

I’m in holiday now, now going to take some pictures and search for the links of my parts.
Happy holidays for you also!


First of all greetings from Belgium.
In attachment the pictures of the boat and parts I bought for this boat.
Almost everything is bought on Aliexpress, to keep the cost a little low. :)

I print everything at a 0.1mm layer in PLA, glued everything together with Loctite instant adhesive.
Boat was coated with XTC 3D and sanded and varnished.
Still need some more sanding and varnish to smoothen it a little.

I drawn som pieces myself in inventor, like some plates to fit the battery, lipo alarm, ESC and a holder for the ESC's on/off switch.
Also made a tunnel for over the shaft, because the grease could not fly all over my boat.
There will always be some grease that fly out of the tubing wherin the shaft turns.
There is also a plate to close the nose piece, so in case the boat makes water i have a large air bubble in the nose.

Already tested the boat on rough water with 2 types of props.
A 3-blade prop doesn't work at all!
With a 2-blad the boat achieved a decent speed (as can be seen in the video).
I’ve ordered some more props to test and also a 4mm shaft and larger props to give a try.

The battery I use is a 3S 2200mAh as can be seen in the pictures.
I have the idea that this battery is really fast dead, so ordered a new one and one of 5000mAh.

Motor is a GoolRC 4300KV with 60A ESC.
Bought a simple ESC programmer card to check the settings.
The connecting piece between the motor and shaft I’d used was a cross coupling to take the miss alignment.
But this creates a wobble and not so smooth energy transfer, so I will replace it with a direct coupling as can be seen in the pictures.

I’m now waiting on a water cooling jacket for my motor and the pins to close the hood wherefore I bought the body clips.

My apologies for my bad English, if you want to know some more and specific details please feel free to ask. I will answer but it might take some time 
If you need more links of the pieces a bought on Aliexpress let me know and I will share what you need. If you want STL of CAD files of the parts I’ve drawn just let me know.

Kind regards,


Just noticed that the "original poster" uploaded the missing files, i think he made a better job than me.
BUT ... i started to print 2 days ago my files and i´m happy with my things :)

The fins, the rudder and the propeller mount was printed:

Scale 0,95 (printer not able to print bigger)
Infill: 100% cause the items where weak with infill ~ 50%

I print @ 0,1 and speed 55 (first at 10) ... so the printer will need ~ 210h for ALL items but the quality will be fine :)

I have the electronics,the motor and everything here, and will try to mount everything when hull part 4&5 is ready.

Right now i have allready printed part 4 and now is part 2 running, cause of the same color! When Part 2 is ready, i will start part 5 soon ... my lime green is here waiting :)

allready printed a scale 50% modell maybe a week ago ... looks nice :)

This looks awesome. I hope you can finish the design during this winter. I had been looking forward to see the model been completed from the original designer. But it looked like hes been busy on other projects

Well ... i´ll try my best. I have the electronic and hardware here, and will start a testprint soon ...

The original designer wrote me today that he have no time right now and he is glad that i at least try :)

Will post an update every couple of days ... and than i will change the files also. So now no need to download the files.

So .. stay tuned :)

Hi, it is a really nice and interesting project you started. I am planning to print and built this or similar speedboat, too. Have you thought of incorporating any supports or a baseplate for the electronics into the hull? Or will you simply glue them in? Do you plan to have motor cooling as these electric motors generate a lot of heat that can melt PLA. Good luck, looking forward to seeing your boat project progressed!

Hey thanks, i designed some bases in the hull_5_back, but didn´t uploaded it.
Will do this maybe today or tomorrow ...

I found a Motor Mount here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353658) ... and i think i will adapt and remix it a bit.

Well ... the cooling is really a thing, maybe i´ll try sth. with water cooling :)

Right now i only have a "small" brushed motor wich (i hope) will not generate so much heat

At this moment Part 2 & 4 are printed ready, also the fins and mounts. I printed some test propellers, in a few different sizes. And now part 5 of the hull is printing (in lime green)

Tomorrow evening part 5 will be ready, than part 1 & 3 are missing -> ~ 50 Hours

RC motor holder

Parts look great! Keep printing!

I have a wooden boat appr. 1 meter long with 2 paralel motors (brushed) and they generate a lot of heat...but with the wooden hull it is not a big problem.
PLA may melt and bend, I would either go with water cooling or at least with ALU heat sink. Sorry, I do not want to sound Mr. Know-it-all but losing the motor while riding the boat b/c of a melt hole in the bottom of the hull would not make you happy I guess....:-)

Happy printing!

It´s all fine, didn´t thougth of Mr. Know-it-all :)

The Boat is my first experience with rc boats :) Just found the original files and thought "Well ... this is printable!" :)

The cool thing is that it is all just for fun :) I have a 5 Year old Son, he is happy every time a new pice is ready, when Nr. 5 is ready we can finally glue sth. together and start to insert the electronics.

i print @ 95% scale, this will be ~ 95cm long and takes ~ 210 hours of printing. Well ... we´ll see if it all was bogus :)