Arduino Bumper

by Chu Jul 4, 2012
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What are the outside dimensions, and where can I get some printed?

Not posted a make but this works just fine. Printed with eSun PLA+, perfect fit. Thank you.

I am new to 3D printing and your Bumper was my first attempt. Actually, it was my first four attempts. And in those attempts I learned all about the importance of having your first print layer adhere to the print bed. So, my fourth attempt went very well, and it snapped nicely onto my Keyestudio Arduino Uno and that was a very happy moment.

Thank you for creating and making available a nice, simple and inexpensive Bumper so I could do several practice runs without wasting too much filament.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Feels good to hear that you got your first layer dialed-in and that you got a successful print! Happy printing :)

I printed this with the Ender 3 using white HATCHBOX PLA. Perfect fit except the notch for the power supply was off by about 1/32". I used my Xacto knife to widen the notch as needed. NOTE: my Arduino is the clone from the Elegoo Super Starter Kit.

Thanks for the note! The clone seems to have their power-jack a little bit off from the original from what I could see in photos of it. I'll see if I can make a version of the bumper with a wider opening to accommodate these boards.

Excellent! Printed with Ender 3. Fits perfectly to my Uno. Many thanks!

Awesome job, printed out version 0006 this evening and it fits perfectly with a satisfying 'click' as the Uno sits in the bumper. Very pleased :) Thankyou...

Great design, fits perfectly!

Printed version 0006 this morning and it was perfect. Fit was great and mounting holes aligned perfectly.

Any plans for an Arduino nano bumper?

Great project! I've been looking for some desings and this one is the most beatifull and clean i've seen.
I'm kinda of a noob regarding 3D priting and I only know how to use a 3d priting software called Cura, but I dont know how to set the parameters on Cura for this build. Can someone help me?

Where can I buy the arduino?

arduino.org/com, amazon, ebay or a local reseller (see reseller page on arduino.org)

Very accurate and printed perfectly, excellent work =)

how much does it cost?

nice work! I have a arduino uno smd edition and it fits perfect! the only drawdack is if you tke it out a lot it wil get a bit of a less tight fit and it than can vel out somptimes

Printed in ABS on my Printrbot and it fits my Uno and Duemilanove perfectly! Thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

Nice and helpful design, thanks!

Printed one on an Ultimate printer and fit my Uno ver3 board perfectly.

Accurate design! Thanks a bunch :)

Wow this is a fast accurate print. A+

Hi everyone, I'm new to 3D printing, but I'm having trouble with this print. We are using Replicator 2, and it seems to read the file and try to print, but it does not dispense any filament. I am able to print other models, does anyone have any ideas?

What slicing software are you using?

Perfect fit, very nice

Great work - fits perfectly - thank you for sharing !!

nice, simple design, good for beginners like me!

Excellent :)
I would have two requests: one version with a solid bottom plate to fully isolate the board, and the same quality case for the Sparkfun FTDI USB connector? :D
Very good work!

Thank you for including the Inventor file. It makes incorporating it into my designs significantly easier!

Printed an 0005 (as my first-ever print!) and it works like a charm. Thanks!

Works great with the Duemilanove! 

Can someone please make a derivation for the Mega?

I started working on the Mega version. It'll be uploaded soon.

Seriously awesome! While printing i thought it's never going to work, but it fits like a glove :D Thanks for the design!

:) Perfect fit! Thanks!

does it work with the duemilanove too?

I think it fits the Duemilanove, but I don't have one to test. The only thing I would worry about is if the bottom pins hit the bumper (which I don't think they will). Please let me know if it works! Thanks!

works fine with duemilanove...i attached picture on the i made one section ;)

are u going to make a version where the bolts holes are taken into consideration or may I? :D

Awesome, thanks for testing it with your Duemilanove!

I'm working on a version with mounting holes. Should be up this week!

Updated with mounting holes! Check out Arduino Bumper 0006.

Do you mind if I take this and modify it to fit my Arduino MEGA?

I don't mind at all. Please make one and post it! :)

lt;- Two Thumbs Up

Good detail with the groves.