ePIc R2-Pi2 (raspberry pi 2 or 3 case )

by Tripnutz Nov 3, 2017
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It's a very cool design! It would be awesome if it had a 30 mm fan... because.. I have a 30 mm fan :)

This is a really cool case. Instead of Epic for the logo can we get a version with "R2-Pi2"

I'm having a weight issue with my current case. I wonder if this would be a better support structure. Basically, the weight difference between my pi cam ribbon and the weight of the Logitech cable topple my Deathstar case. I put the pi back in a basic case and I can see it looks like it wants to topple but not quite yet.

Am i the only one who can't print the top cover? every time i try, in a number of different orientations it comes off the board.

You should use a 6mm brim if you haven't tried it. That'll help.

It looks cool but the design of the insert requires too many small fiddly supports. The lattice around the ports broke while cleaning the print up so I tossed it and have moved on. I'd like to see the hex holes along the sides replaced with something else.

Overall the design has had very good following. Sorry you had issues. Maybe you need to tune your printer a little more :-)

Yes, you are right. I retract my comments about the vertical hex holes. I was able to remove the supports for the hex holes without removing all the supports by using this setting in my slicer (which is 'Slic3r'): 'Overhand threshold'. I set it to 14 degrees. Since the slope of the hexagons is greater than 14 (90 / 6 = 15, 6 being the number of sides in a hexagon), it won't print supports inside the hexes.

Damn, this is actually VERY cool. Thinking about making one for my Anet E12 when it comes next week. This is by far the most detailed RPI case I have seen yet! Very nice work!

Hello again ! Everything printed and it is gorgeous !

Now, for the FAN, is it supposed to blow air out or in ?

In most electronics enclosures the goal is to blow the air out of the case. :) Glad it worked out!

Thank you ! will post the make later today !

First, very nice case ! I've already printed the insert and the fan cover. (need to find a 5v fan ! )

Now, for the cover - what's the best way to print it ? With the HDMI, power and jack against the bed, the other way around or on its side ? Either way, it will need supports, but I'm guessing with the HDMI, power and jack against the bed

Best regards and thank you for the case !

You print it on end. No supports, just a brim works for me.

If you're looking at the model with the fan opening on the right side, and the short tubes on the left rotate it 90 degrees, clockwise. It will be on end with the fan opening closer to the bed. That's how to print this model, no supports.

Comments deleted.

This is amazing!

Can I make a request? Is there anyway to make the cosmetics on the outside a separate piece that can be inserted or glued onto the main shell? This way it can be printed in multiple colors.

Would love to be able to have a black shell with red piping :). I'm horrible with painting or I would do that. I'm better off eating the paint than trying to paint something, lol.

This looks fockin' EPIC!!! <3

What das "right side up" mean? Which is the "right side"?

Right side up as in the main picture rendering... You will print it just as it sits so the two long slots in the bottom are against the print bed.

Ok, so the usb ports are facing up?

No, place it on the print bed just like my main picture. The bottom with the 2 long slots goes against the print bed... the usb and micro sd sides are not against the print bed.

ok, i tried it several times before, but it isnt very stable if printed like this, will try again

I have some problem with this desing. The 6 pins that hold the insert in the cover are misaligned and a the insert is too big for the cover. If i make the cover bigger so that the insert can fit in the cover the pins get even more misaligned. Am i missing here something ?

I just uploaded a version of the insert that is slightly smaller around the perimeters of the insert ends. Hopefully this helps your issue.

The new insert-R2 is much more forgiving. I have removed Insert R1 to avoid any confusion.

Sorry you are having issues. It does fit together but I will admit it uses pretty tight tolerance so if your machine is off, you probably will have problems with this print. I have printed many of these and it is tight to press in they do line up. I will look at trimming the insert a little more to help with this issue.

Thank you i will try with the new version !

I want to print the insert, but I am unsure, which is the right side. Is it the one with the USB/Network port or the one with the Air holes ?

Support for camera version?? to use as octoprint server with camera module

There is a slot built in for the camera ribbon cable. I don't use the pi camera for my octoprint so I'm not 100% on functionality.

what does a pi 1 even do

Awesome case. Definitely on the to-print list. Where's fan get its power?

from the gpio pins on the pi

Can you recommend the best orientation for the parts to avoid using supports?

Check out my notes...

Insert right side up..

Cover on end.. put the fan side closest to bed.

Everyone that has previously downloaded, should use the updated insert stl R1 as one user found the previous version knocked of his antenna during install. I have deleted that file and replaced it with insert R1.

I Love this Raspi case... Thank You!!

Holy Steampunk, Tripnutz!
I see a Gold, Bronze and Silver combo in my future.
It is truly EPIC!

very cool design .