Fenwick Linde H40 forklift with moving parts

by xTremePower Nov 4, 2017
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My 4 year old saw this and had to have one! So far we've only printed the tires and are about to work on the rest of the parts. Any suggestions for the most successful prints? How did you orient the cab and fork parts in the slicer? And did you supports only touching the bed, or supports everywhere?

Thanks! Wish I could make a donation!

Really thanks for the donation :p

I updated files, All was oriented on the best was possible,
You will need to use supports for some parts, but I recommend support everywhere

I added for you a wooden pallet :p

Please share your make once finished ! :p

Thanks again

Thanks! you've done a great job!
So far we have the 4 wheels and the forks pole is almost finished. with the supports and quality I'm going for on my i3plus clone its going to take a bit longer. The slicer says 40 hrs for the cab. It'll be a few more weeks as I start traveling for work again on Monday.

why the cabin interior is not empty?

for a simple print ....

can I have it complicated?
I want it as real as possible :)
I have driven it every day

I wrote you on facebook

I will not make this without compensation sorry,
add this tiny details will make me many work on the 3d file.
contact me in private message if you really want them

Awesome model, I'm printing one for a friend of mine who works with one of theese (and I'll post an "I made one", promise). Do yo, by any chance, know the scale this is made at? Would love to print him some fitting 20 and 40 feet containers :D


I am making one now good job i work for a Linde dealer and this is going to be awesome to have on my desk. thank you for the hard work looks great.

Please think to share your make

I'm using simplify3d and when I slice it cuts off the fenders any idea why it didn't do this in craftware I may have to print it there again but simplify turns out so much better then drafts are. By the way I work for a linde dealer and everyone there is so excited to see it displayed up on the grant counter thank you for the time you put into it. How are you all laying the upper black body with the overhead guard I've tried printing how it drops and using supports and laying it almost flat same thing no fenders?

Wow just realized the fenders are also on the bottom printed in red and drafts are didn't print the fenders either and it turned out great so never mind my comment great job.

all was designed to have to good color at the good time :p

once again please share your made one !
and if you enjoy my work, you can push the "Tip Designer" button :)