Vernier Caliper with Metric and US Scales

by ShayWalters Jul 4, 2012
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I need help. When I open marks file with Inkscape, it leaves out parts of some of the numbers. I'm hoping there is a setting I am missing or something. It's as if some of the lines for the markings are too thin to be seen by Inkscape.

The marks file was made with either AutoCAD or DraftSight (don't remember which.) DraftSight is a free download for many systems, including some 32-bit Ubuntu releases. I don't really know what might be going on with Inkscape.

My day was a comedy of errors, but I finally got things working. DraftSight wouldn't install on Windows, so I booted up my Ubuntu VM. Eventually, I figured out that exporting as a different version of DXF (R14 ASCII) worked with Inkscape. I cut it on cardstock, and it works beautifully except for the fact that I don't have my axes calibrated fully yet. 20cm is actually 20.35cm.

I have another question though. Why is it that the mark near zero on the inches side doesn't seem to line up with anything? What is its purpose?

Thanks - it was fun making it. By the way - anyone who downloaded it prior to this message, please re-download it. I had an error in the vernier scale on part 1B.

That's excellent, thank you!

That's excellent, thank you!