Skull Scale mail

by Octagonman Nov 5, 2017
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Hey, just wanted to say this is fairly clever and unique. Thank you.

these scales look very nice, but how do you connect the rows together vertically?

Thanks for your question! I know others have likely thought it but not asked. There are a second set of holes behind the skull on the back side if the scales, It is hidden but still effective even if you want to make an entire armor sections.

if my actual project is finished, i'll try to make a full set of armor out of these.
oh, and if one wants to make a complete armor section, it would be nice to have a set of half size scales (only the skulls) with the connector on the back, to close the topmost row with skulls.

File added, have a look and see if that's what you meant :)

hi there,
seems right to me.

I'd like to see how this looks if you ever finished it

i've printed it but never found a way to attach it to clothing, so i trashed the idea.

I used this for part of my Halloween costume last year. There are so many ways to attach it to clothing, Sewing, safety pins, velcro tape, hot glue, flexible plastic glue. I was in a rush so i used velcro tape and hot glue, if i would have had more time i would have sewn the top most layer into the clothing with the fishing line, or printed something with holes like a lattice so i could weave the scale mail into is and sew that to the clothing.

thats actually a good idea.
if i ever make an armored character again, i'll unearth the idea.

I can make a skull inbetween model for the top to finish it off. I will add it when i get a chance later tonight.