Anet A2 and TEVO Tarantula MGN15 linear rail Y axis mod

by StmLord Nov 5, 2017
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Hello, I put myself MHN12H, can I ask you to give me step files?

I don't know what step files is. This is designed in Tinkercad, so the stl files are the only ones. But it does not need any modification if you use mgn12 instead of mgn15, it fits perfectly

Good stuff here. Just finished printing it. I was wondering how you mounted the hotbed carriage to the rail carriage? You just drilled some holes on the hotbedl carriage and screwed on the rail carriage? Just wondering, I was gonna be doing the upgrade this weekend.

Yes, I just drilled the aluminium carrier 4 holes and used m3 screws to fit it on the rail carriage.
Before aluminum bed carrier I just drilled the acrylic the same way, but at high temps (>90c) I had a bit warp on the acrylic (from springs tension) creating the levelling problems I wrote on the description. I think if you use something strong bigger than the rail carriage and use it between bed carrier and rail carrier the warping will be minimal or even distinct, but I didn't try it, I just went for the aluminium carrier. you can print something like 10x10cm x5mm thick from a sturdy filament like PLA or PET and use it between acrylic and rail carriage

What length rail works the best for this mod?

It depends if you have A2 or A2+ the difference is only on Y axis with longer bed. 220x270 for A2+ vs 220x220 for A2. I have the A2+ so I used 400mm rails that gives about 310-320mm bed travel. That way you can gain 40-50mm bigger print size in Y axis by getting a bigger glass and putting it on the aluminium bed ;)
IIRC A2+ Y axis aluminum extrusion is 460mm and A2 is 400mm so I assume 350mm rail for A2

Can you recommend the MGN rail update? Was the print quality improved much?

MGN rails Upgrade is the most important upgrade I've done to my Anet A2+. My wheel system was a disaster and I couldn't even level the bed right. The effect was like a really warped bed. MGN rails especially for Y axis solved this and the precision and smoothness is unmatched even comparing with higher quality printers as CR-10. BTW, you don't need an expensive rail, chineese rails even it is not as smooth as a way more expensive rails as e.g. HIWIN, are working great for 3d printer loads.

I have the same issue with my A2+ that I just built this last week. I have a glass plate on my bed and I would level all four corners and then watched as the nozzle would travel down the the length of the Y-axis and notice the nozzle-to-bed distance would fluctuate. This doesn't happen along the X-axis yet. But I just ordered a pair of MGN rails to correct this. The plastic wheels that came with my A2+ are not precision manufactured and don't run smoothly along the 2040 or 2020 rails. This will take care of the leveling issue for me. Only thing I have to deal with now is under extrusion.

Thanks for your advice on this.