NodeMCU ESP8266 Modular Case - You Made It!

by vutana Nov 5, 2017
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Does the PIR sensor works good inside that dome? just wondering if anyone has test it.

Can you make or add a blank module?

Which button was the button module designed with in mind? Also, what are the caps for? Sorry for the potentially silly questions, but I'm still trying to figure everything out.

Which OLED display has this been designed for? The 0.96" displays I ordered from Amazon seem to have rather different PCB dimensions.

Ok, I've found the right OLED displays on Amazon. You need the ones with rounded holes. Another thing I noticed though: the way the module and display are designed, the display will only fit it in upside down.

Ok, it looks like v2 of those OLED displays are a tiny bit wider and higher, even after grinding away all the redundant pcb material. Is there any chance you could make the display's slot inside the module 1mm wider and higher?

Same question for the 1.3" OLED module, actually. The "Large OLED module" seems larger than the displays I got.

No, supports are not needed.

For safe I printed with supports, because these "ears" are in the air while printing and there is no support from bottom. Maybe I am wrong, but it worked.

I attach an "empty" element. I plan to add 1-2 of this and then I can fit a 18650 battery inside.

Hey, I like this project! So much that I started the first print right after coming home from a 12h working day;-)

I did have to fix the meshes a bit as somehow the noses and hooks seem not to be joined with the outer wall.

Can you publish the source files at least for one middle module to allow more editing for more modules?

I am envisioning a base with room for rechargeable batteries and a middle module for an esp8266 or wemos d1…

I've just published the Fusion 360 source file. If you create new modules, please send them to me or send me the link, I will share them.

+1 for battery module. If anyone can model this, please share. :)

The locking 'eyes' on the top of the PIR module are about 2 to 3mm lower than the others and it stops any other module sitting atop the PIR module.

Thank you very much for this modular case.

At the module for the motion detector, the holder at the top does not seem to be printed correctly. It seems to be a little too far away from the edge, which makes it detach immediately when touched.

That's weird. Maybe there are different sizes of motion detector? Look at the picture in Heeroo's make. Do you use the same detector?

Hi,the author do not response can anyone share the code to run this project?really thanks

I like your idea for a modular case! Can the ESP8266 code be found anywhere to download?

Hi Vutana!Nice job!i want print your case but i am not able to program on arduino...can you share the code? thanks!


This design has not been made for a particular project. It is modular, you can create different configurations for your needs.

But if you refer to the ESP8266 weather station, the code is on github: https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-weather-station

Have fun!

Hi,Vutana,thanks for reply!i know the site and i made one of this,i am not able to program all sensor you have put in your weather station,i'd like to have run the rgb led the touch button...for this reason ask you to share your code...thanks!

Hi. In the picture, the configuration with RGB led and the button is shown for demo purpose. In the weather station application, you don't need the led and button. If you want to add some features using the led and button, you indeed need to modify the source code. It could be quite fun for instance to change the led color according to the weather, but I haven't done it.

What LED are using for that dome?

It's the kind of rgb led you can find on aliexpress if you look for "arduino rgb led". I think it is a KY-016.

This is such a fun case. I have one in each of the bedrooms of our house now. Which temperature sensor are you using? I have a BME280 that fits well in the enclosure, but the reading jumps 5-8 degrees fahrenheit in the case.

Again, this is just a delightful design.

The temperature sensor I use is a 18B20. According to its datasheet, it has 0.5°C accuracy.

I'm glad that you like the design. Do not hesitate to post pictures of your makes!

The PIR reference is HC-SR501, bought on Aliexpress.

Which PIR Module is used ?

Is it possible that the PIR module doesn't have the right measurements? I can get it to clip onto the bottom of any other module as the holders seem to be attached too low

The PIR module has been contributed by someone else. But I've printed one and attached it to the base and to the dome without issue. Do you have the same issue with other modules?

I attached a file visualizing the issue with the PIR module hinges on top. I placed the OLED 0.96 module next to it, which has the correctly positioned hinges. If someone could fix that for me, I'd be incredibly grateful!

Same here, the PIR module design is clearly broken, just look at the preview in your slicer. The holders start below the top of the frame. Also, I'm not sure how the PIR sensor is actually supposed to fit in there? Last but not least, unlike all the other modules, you first have to rotate this object in your slicer.

No, it's the only module that I have problems with. I just elongated the holders at the top and that'll hopefully do the trick. :)

OK. Tell me if it works. And I will be happy if you post the pictures of your project when it's finished!

This case is really a good idea, cute and modular. Perfect for my indoor temperature display project.
Thanks for the share ;)

This is perfect for a project I’m working on, thanks!

Anyone print this on a Monoprice Select Mini? Just curious what settings to use. Other things I’ve tried to convert that I find on Thingverse end up being horrible. Just not sure what do do with them in Cura

I also share your pain. Although I have found a solution that I tend to use a lot. I use a program called "Autodesk Meshmixer" to literally slice the pieces into smaller ones so that I can print them on my Monoprice Select Mini. It has a "plane cut" feature that will let you slice and export as seperate files. For example, I have four files from an R2-D2 head made by Chaos Core Tech that are sliced to fit onto a Monoprice Select Mini.

Can you make more bases? One for a WEMOS D1 mini pro? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2301947
May be a low profile flat top too?

Great idea!

Wemos D1 Mini Pro

Thank you for your comment.

The flat top is a good idea. I have to find some time to design it.

I don't have Wemos D1 mini to try. Why don't you use nodeMCU for this project? It is incredibly cheap, and it has a perfect size and shape. The tower has been designed for it. The only advantage that I can see using a wemos D1 is where nodeMCU is too large to fit.

The Wemos D1 Mini is smaller and cheaper than the nodeMCU. About US$3 from aliexpress.com