Dice set for D&D

by PhysUdo Nov 5, 2017
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On the one hand, it is really cool to be able to print out dice for just a few cents worth of material. On the other, I just spent 4 hours waiting for a 10-sider to print, which I then had to sand, buff, and clear out the bottom number (an 8). And for $5-15, depending on what variety I want, Amazon will ship a complete set to my door the next day.
That said, these are pretty cool.

Anyone know why the bottom numbers don't print?
I do it without supports and it goes fine,but the printer prints sort of a first layer and it gets rid of the number.
I use skirt for print adhesion.

Do these require supports?

Depends on how good your printer is with printing overhangs :-) it should be possible without but might be difficult, especially for the D20, there some breakaway (or even soluble) support could be helpful.

Thanks. They printed pretty good, except some of the bottom numbers and a few on the d20. I pt it at the highest quality I was able lol. Still neat dice to use!

these look like reliable die.

these look like reliable die.

I often use these as a filament test for how a lot of the new filaments I have look. I've printed them in bronzefill, woodfill, a zillion colours of PLA, PETG, flex, CF... they make a great little test because of the details and the angles. Now I have a million dice all stuffed in a box.

if i roll these will i get a perfect 20 each time

just position with the 20 at the top, and embed a bearing in the side with the 1... don't tell your DM

Yes just replace all the numbers with 20.