Pen holder

by SimonFront Jul 5, 2012
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hey, I got the joke ... good one !

cool and useful design, well done!

hello, on fresh download my "preview" shows the lines a little askew. any clue? check it out: http://cdaringe.com/c/pub/img/askew_pencil_holder.png

I had accidentally included a couple of test layers in the file which I used for material tests to ensure a snug fit.

I assume you are not using Illustrator or AutoCad? The layers are hidden by default so I did not discover them before uploading, but your program probably shows all available layers.

I have now uploaded new versions of all files without these extra layers. Nice catch (and surprising that this file was downloaded 6000+ times before this was discovered :-)

cool, looks like that one renders happily for me! much appreciated

And they cut beautifully. Thanks!

Feel free to post a "I made one" if you want (it is fun to see other versions and makes :-)

i intend to, but only when photos are ready! i hacked it a little bit... :)

Can you export it to DWG?

I have tried, but I only have Illustrators export-module. See if it works, they have been added...

Thanks so much, looks great in autocad.

Thanks a lot for this model!

Has anyone tries this in acylic

I used 3mm birch plywood, but this works just as well in HDF.

What kind of wood did you use for this? I tried it and the wood I used cracked at the corners instead of springing into a curve. =-X

I love it man! Very simple. We've been needing a few pen holders around the space, and we've just been using http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18006 so this will be very welcome.