Anet A8 Direct Feed E3D Carriage Mount

by CobratronicGB Nov 6, 2017
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Just printed the carriage in PETG , but both side fan brackets broke 2mm arent they too skiny-broke on the bottom right after i grabed the cariage from the bed.will print one i diffent color mb or first hot iron glue them on

can you make it to hold also autolevel? i have a tronxy XN-08N

I have just printed the carriage mount. Only to find out the printer will lose room of the Y-Axis (back side of the bed) because the nozzle is so far away from the rails. Too much in the front.
I'll try to remix the mount, I'll put the nozzle as close to the rails as possible. I also make a full-plastic bearing housing.

will this work with the stock extruder? I also have an e3d titan on the way so i was wondering if it would work as well

Do I understand correctly that there is mounting points for 18mm sensor brackets?
Thanks for your time.

I wanted to write and find out if there has to be any adjustments in the start/stop code or firmware to adjust for offset of the original anet extruder to this one. the other carriage I had, I had to make adjustments.

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Hey, great looking design. I have a E3D V6 enroute now, and would like to keep the extruder direct (plan on printing abrasives in the near future). Your design is one of like 2 I've found that fit the bill, and certainly the better looking for my purposes. I was wondering, and it is likely a dumb question:

What did you use to flip your x axis rods vertically? I didn't see any references to that, and I have no idea where to start looking for it - my Fusion360 skills aren't also quite to the point where I could competently design one myself. I'm running just a regular Anet A6 currently.

Sorry to inform you but the Anet A8 comes standard with the vertical X axis guides. We have tried both direct and indirect feed and always find controlling the filament much easier and consistent using the direct feed route especially with flexible filaments. I hope you have solved the problem

Hi! I'm about to print this, awesome job! I was wondering if there's a 40mm part cooling fan adapter/mod available?

I was a bit worried at first... My first print with the E3D V6 was to print the remix of the fan duct. It printed, but looked horrible (I didn't have any fan duct!) But I installed it anyway and printed another Fan Duct. The 2nd one came out FANTASTIC!

This carriage is a lot taller than the stock one so I was worried that I would lose some build area from the settings I had earlier with the stock setup. I'm happy to report (for me at least) It doesn't seem I've lost anything. I printed a quick yellow cylinder in vase mode and maxed out the dimensions in Cura. After it printed, I put an Eiffel Tower model I made with the same MAXED settings in Cura and it was the same height.

You can see the carriage and extruder motor block the LCD panel, but it seems to print fine up there.

Very Nice Prints.

We did not lose any build height when using this mount either though I agree it can block some vision of the LCD when the head is up in the clouds printing at max height. Our main objective was to make it easier to feed the filament so colour changes can be easily done when pausing print programs and open up the view of the nozzle.

Thanks, but you know what I did lose, was about 10-15mm off the Y axis. My build plate bearings hit the front of the printer. To help compensate, my steel rods are no longer flush with the front acrylic, but the threaded ones are. That helped some. It's not a as big a deal because I can change out the filament in about 10 seconds (yes I timed myself) mid print for multicolored prints.

Excellent model! I just printed it and am now waiting for my E3D to come in. What X Belt Holder is that? I'd like to print it too.


I went ahead and remixed my own X Belt Holder https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2723803 It doesn't quite fit around the bottom bearing block, but after a bit with a Dremel it worked perfectly.

Remixed X Belt Holder

Hi All. There are many people who are asking about fitting different items and making small changes to the carriage design. If you have an idea or would like a change made then please just let us know and we will try our best to add your ideas and post on thingiverse. Also if there is an item that you think would make an improvement to any part of your Anet A8 how ever small then contact us either here or at our website. Our new website is still in the building stage but the contact is there if there something you would like to ask. Have a Happy 3D Xmas. We will this is the time when we get to play.

Any chance that you could make a fan duct that's centered/aligned with the nozzle, as the one provided does not provide enough cooling towards the back of the printer?

Yes no probelm we will get straight on it. We will try to complete over xmas period and add it to the file list.Thanks for you comment

Thanks, just remixed the one you had for the time being :)

Is there a way to mount bltouch/ 3d touch to the mount?

We have mounted these touch sensors to our other printers and is a good idea. We will look what we can do for you. I think it would probable be best if we design a bracket so that it can be added if required. We will design the bracket and add it to the file list. we will try to complete over xmas period. Thanks for your comments

We have mounted these touch sensors to our other printers and is a good idea. We will look what we can do for you. I think it would probable be best if we design a bracket so that it can be added if required. We will design the bracket and add it to the file list. we will try to complete over xmas period. Thanks for your comments

Looking at the STL for the clamp and the carriage it looks like the part that juts out and holds the E3D v6 in place is two different widths. It is 6.0mm on the clamp and 5.5mm on the carriage. When printed on my set up this means the carriage clamp is slightly too large to fit into E3D v6. Is this right?

Hi rtclauss.

First may we Apologise for the slow reply. We have been attending an exhibition outside of the UK and have just returned. You are correct the clamp that secures the E3D v6 clone does have two different depths. Both upper and lower have diameters are 15.90mm. The depth of the top diameter is 3.90mm and the depth of the lower diameter is 2.6mm. These measurements are to match the E3D v6 clones one of which we have listed in our comments. If you are using the original E3D v6 the securing diameters and cut depths may differ. We maybe able to help if the clamp dimensions are causing you a probelm. If you send us the dimensions you require we can adjust our model and add it to the file list as a different option which will also make it availabe to other Thingiverse users.

Hi CobratronicGB, it look like my E3D v6 does have a few different dimensions. My upper and lower have diameters of 16.0mm and the recessed throat is 12mm in diameter. The recessed throat is 6mm tall. All other depths and heights match the measurements you provided.

This schematic like a good match to my E3D v6's dimensions: https://e3d-online.dozuki.com/Document/Ztd4NlQ3MF2x61nj/.pdf

Did this ever get adjusted for the E3D part? I printed it to mount an E3DLite6 (exact same measurements as the v6), and only just now realized there was a problem with making it all fit.

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