Anycubic i3 Mega Custom hotend cover + 2x fan duct + laser mount holes

by JCBell Nov 6, 2017
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I am rather new to 3D printing and want to print this model. I loaded it in Cura and was wondering, how I can remove the support that is inside the model (e.g. inside the fan outlet) as I cant reach this with a tweezer.

I personally don't use Cura, so I can't tell you exactly. Anyways, did you try setting Support type option in "Touching buildplate" mode?

Nice design!!
Is there any recommendation for a laser solution? Need advise which laser will fit to upgrade to an engraving machine... Thanks!

That depends on the purpose of usage.
I eventually switched to this form factor. I didn't design holes for it, so I had to drill them.
Anyways, the power and the cost of the product is only up to you.

The one without the casing fits well on the i3 mega ultrabase and helps produce very nice cleaner prints than with the stock duct using the same settings in Cura. Thank you for sharing this beautiful design, easy to use and no need of extra screws.

As a follow-up, I printed the one with the casing. It does fit on the i3 mega ultrabase but the right side of the cover while you're facing the front of the printer is not totally flushed on the top metal plate while the left side is flushed or aligned. The stock screws on the right side fan for the hotend heat sink cannot be used, only one can reach for the nut so I decided not to put any screws at all, the fan is completely secure anyway by the frame like it is in a plastic pocket. While printing this model, at 15 minutes time the printer produce a very loud sound until it is done printing. I thought something was caught by the fan but it was not the case. After the printing session, almost 6 hours of like a grinding machine, noise stops while in the cooling process and fan still running. Most likely that noise like a very loud fan will trigger depending what is printed. The noise is similar to this one on the video posted by another person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_BQXJ7UiEY

The printer is now using the currently printed cover and duct and it looks very nice. This time the sound from the fan is much cooler to hear than the stock setup with the metal cover.

"the right side of the cover is not totally flushed on the top" - can you send me a photo and dimensions or something? I have some problems, too, even with the default metal cover - I have to put some force to set it in place and tighten all screws. I supposed that the top metal plate of my printer was a little non-square and didn't take it seriously.
"... only one can reach for the nut so I decided not to put any screws at all" - yeah, you guessed right! I don't use screws for hotend fan when using part with printed casing either. They suite better to mount the part to top metal plate. This happens because I decided to increase the thickness of printed casing up to 2mm to make it firmer, while original metal casing is only 1mm thick
"at 15 minutes time the printer produce a very loud sound" - yes, I have the same problem. This is because Anycubic decided to save some money and used extremely cheap and shitty fans. In my case, as soon as fans start running, the loud sound appears, but after 5..10 minutes the noise stops and fans run quiet until I turn off the printer. This happens because the plain bearing's outer "ring" wears quickly and increases it's diameter a little bit, thus fan's shaft starts vibrating in it. The only solution is to replace the broken fan(s). If you've just bought the printer, you may try to write to the seller and MAYBE he will be generous enough to send you spare fans.

I like this. Is it for a V5 or V6 hotend?
I like the fan shroud directing the air into the heat sink, similar to the V6 fan shroud.
The Anycubic i3 Mega uses comes with the V5 hotend.
Changing from V5 to V6 requires a height adjustment.

  1. Lower the heat sink below the top of the housing.
  2. Mount directly to the top of the housing and change the position of the Z-stops.

If your hotend cover is for the V5, it doesn't require a height adjustment. I incorporates the cooling features of the V6 for the heat sink.
It improves the cooling air flow to the newly printed layer. (Might need a change in air flow direction.)
I am changing my V5 heat break to an all metal heat break.
I am considering getting a E3D V6 heater block, heater and sensor to use with the V5 heat sink and heat break.

Can i get a copy of your design file so I can modify the air flow direction in the ring. Any changes I do, I will return to you. This is your concept and it is GREAT!

This thing is designed to work with the default one, which is V5 AFAIK.
The length of V6 is shorter (formwerk.ro/img/e3d_v6_size.jpg), so I afraid that it will require almost re-create it from scratch.
The source file is in the attachments. I used FreeCAD v0.16.
You don't have to "return" anything. You may just post the modified thing from your account and mark it as a remix of my original post.

it's very good creation
you can improve it easily.
the airflow is too horizontal, it taps on the heating cube and makes too much decend the temperature.
it should be released in the 45 ° zone of the torus which would bring it to the tip of the nozzle.

I mounted it on my mega by keeping the metal block.
it's the best I've ever used, so you can improve it a bit

big hug


I think that this may happen because the airflow is higher when using this thing, so you may unintentionally miscalculate the right fan speed. Unfortunately I don't have the right equipment to prove or refute this theory. Anyways, I changed the angle for you, so you may try this one.