CR10s Filament sensor

by Tinkermonster Nov 8, 2017
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Hi does this work with Ender 3D Thx?

This little mod practically destroyed my printer , I've never heard so many awful noises coming out of the Z motor . Seriously I love the idea of this , but wow .. an ultimate failure for me . I need to leave things alone !

The filament holes are too far off-center from the bowden drive, after I installed it I was getting extrusion problems. When I removed it everything went back to normal.

Printed. Working. Thank you. Great design.

this doesnt work with my cr10s as the microswitch board is larger so it doesnt work

Same here - spent some time swearing over this, wondering if the printer was badly calibrated, testing another, blabla, until I looked at the design, which is obviously faulty. It doesn't match the metric layout of the microswitch board. It may perhaps match it on some other, badly calibrated printer out there, but that's about it.

Stay away from this. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2935674 might work better. I also made this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4080060 but really - it's an emergency solution that rather sucks as well, although not as invasively

New CR-10s Filament Sensor Housing Assembly
CR-10S Filament Sensor Strap
by RoyK

Do i want to buy some screw? .. how much I need them? I mean which size and model and quantity

I printed this and while a great idea, it is a royal pain in the ass to unthread and re-thread the z-axis screw between the all-thread rod and the upright. No tool will get in there easily. Additionally, as people below have noted - if you snug up those two z-axis screws tight it locks the z-axis and causes your gantry to freeze sporadically.

If you're like me and have never seen this failure before, it manifests as the silver couplers at the base of the all-thread rod pulling loose (in half) and/or the gantry stuttering (which is a bit unsettling to see for the first time). Took me a minute to diagnose and realize it was because the brass piece was too tightly secured to the black bracket - this causes the threaded rod and the brass threaded piece to become misaligned. You'll have to turn the printer off and fix the couplers as well.

Appreciate the attempt OP, but I wouldn't wish this install and uninstall on my worst enemy. Probably makes my particular setup worse as my table is thigh height and there's no way to comfortably work in this area.

Makers beware!

Going forward, definitely looking for a filament sensor mount that installs in an easier spot.

By any chance could you think of a fix for this ? My printer is screwed now after this mod. When the Z drops to go to print I get BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ , I removed this mod and put the original screws in. Also it seem my nice level bed is messed up now too .. wow did I mess up by trying this .... please everyone so as others said .. BEWARE and STAY AWAY .

I got the same issue when installed on my CR10 S5 and it was definitely brown trousers time...

After much fussing around, I found that you need the following order.

Printed part
Spring washers
X gantry piece
Spring washers
Brass threaded nut

Imagine my surprise at finding an extra spring washer under the printer and THEN noticing it's companion between the brass nut and the x-gantry.

an absolute nightmare to get together, many new curse words were invented...

The key part to this is to NOT tighten the screws, otherwise any slight bend in the threaded rod causes it to lock up. I found the tension to be right at the point you THINK you need to do it up more.

I "calibrated" my tension by moving the gantry via the control panel 1mm at a time, if it locked up, go back one, loosen it slightly, and try again. once happy try to move more (2-3) and see how it goes. A lot of stuffing around, but this is Creality's design flaw, not the OP here.

Also found the alignment of the holes in the extruder to be off, but it seems my jamming issue may be related to the switch's lever forcing too much tension in the sensor housing. OP, did you remove the lever? I'm going to try that next and see if that works.

Can you share original file to do some changes? Or maybe you could do this yourself?

It's ok to tighten the screws. It should not move.

I've been searching for a decent solution and this one looks good but I have a question. My understanding is that the two screws used to fix it in place are also securing the z-axis bushing. When those screws are tight the z-axis locks up and will not move. Am I missing something?

Thank God this exists, I was so sick of my filament sensor comming off in retraction moves, going sideways and giving me underextrusion issues, awesome design

Good design. I'm putting this on now but I think the 2 screws on the leadscrew are not long enough anymore to go trough the brass piece below. Did you put longer screws?

Did you work out if they were long enough? Also, I think tightening them will lock the z axis in place. They go into a bushing that I think needs those screws to be a bit loose.

Did you get it on? I'm printing it at the moment but I fear the two screws will lock up the z axis bushing. Did you have any problems with that?

My z axis moves freely. No lockup but I didn’t really tighten the 2 screws and kept them somewhat loose.

Thanks. I'm using a top mounted spool and I'm a bit worried the leverage on this part might cause z axis binding. I'll give it a go.