40mm Dragon Fan for RepRaps

by jasonwelsh Jul 5, 2012
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its looks like a ugly pig definitely not a dragon. Hahaha :D

Dunno... i thought it was a Boar, without tusks!! LOL

Still cool though!

Looks like a bull, im a put a ring in his nose, very cool thanks!

it dont fit my Wanhao d 4s :( But nice work!

I thinkg it looks more like a pig, great job tho

I made one, it worked first time on my printrbot+. Will upload a pic when I get a chance.

Got it to work eventually, needed the newest git version of slic3r, a few days out of date one crashed on loading it. I don't have a fan yet, but this is very cool, and looks much better in real life that my photo. Cheers :)

Looking forward to derivatives :) Bring on the "fan faces" :)

Dragons spit fire don't they? Maybe there should be a "polar bear fan" anyway thanks to the uploader.

Added the blender file so you can have the source model, I use the latest blender 2.63.

I printed one on m prusa using Slic3r as the ripper, and one on my replicator by makerbot. I used Replicator G for that.

Havent had any back pressure if anything I had to turn the bugger down a little in slic3r.

Let me know if everything works out for you


I've had terrible luck with other fan nozzle restriction causing so much back pressure that I can't get air to flow. I would assume that this part has the same concern?

I want to print one, but I can't get the stl to slice, and http://cloud.netfabb.comcloud.netfabb.com can't load it either. How did you manage to slice it?

That would be awesome if it were just a statue. Well done.