10W High Power LED Battery powered Torch

by mariozwiers Nov 7, 2017
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It is not clear how the electronics is located inside the case.

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Generally these multi-LED chips aren't of very high quality, a single 10W LED like XML-T6 is much better. And LEDs should be operated at a constant current, not with a constant voltage (yes it works too, at least for a while). And with 9V it's maybe a 5W flashlight, but not 10W as the title says. Maybe you might want to change LED and driver and go for real 10W.

Yes, that's right, but limiting current is harder for me than voltage.
At 12V, the LED is only incessantly brighter than at 9V, but consumes directly 2A instead of 0.4A measured at 4V battery. In addition, the LED is super super hot and I did not want active cooling.

I have an XML T6 at home and it is also brighter with fully charged battery, but only a short time. Already after 30min of the great performance is not much to see.

The whole project should not be the best of the best. I wanted to get the optimum out of heat, consumption and size. For me, the lamp is great, she certainly holds 6h, does not get hot, fits in the pocket and costs not so much. The beam angle is very large (unlike most XML-T6's) , so if I build something outside at night, or the power goes off, I can light up the whole area for a long time. That was what I want ;)

Nobody forces you to copy these projects.
After all, I take time to upload my completed projects here. My pleasure ;)

Yeah, of course it's a great circuit design. And '10W High Power' is just a slight exaggeration for a flashlight that drives a bad chip with 3.6W.