bathtub boat (visual benchy)

by vandragon_de Nov 7, 2017
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for the boat to float, how dense en till how high will the bottom be printed.
i printed them before but i lost the settings??

kind regards

My print failed at the top where the light is on an anycubic mega s it did the flat part there then failed any idea what could have cause my problem basically it just stuck there and stopped printing anymore and burned the filament there pretty badly the rest of the model printed flawlessly this is my first print so I have no idea how to go about fixing my problem please help thank you.

Do you suggest printing with supports?

no, support is not required

This here boaty boi can hold so many piratez

I printed at 20% infill and its awesome. thank you.

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My prints always end up warping when printing the small structure in the center and then the nozzle knocks it off. I am printing 0.1 layer height at 195c temp with pla. I have scaled the model down to 80% so it would fit better on my bed.

What building surface are you using? (Heated/non-heated, glass, aluminium, kapton tape, etc)

I want to print this with more infill at the bottom so it sits in the water better, does anyone have a gcode of this configuration? I don't have s3d so unable to do so myself. TIA

Then I can recommend Slic3r. In combination with Windows 3D Builder you have a good possibility to share and print 3D objects with different processes.

What material/slicer settings did you use for your prints? No matter what I try on my Prusa mk3 (including two different brands of PLA) the >45° overhang at the bottom doesn't print nicely - the edges seem to curl up until the nozzle grinds into them.

It's true that the ground is always a little difficult to print. Was my first model I published here. The slope is 60° which should be possible with good cooling. My floor was never perfect either. It was more and more about the fun and that was given to me.

However, I have adjusted the floor a little bit.

Your adjustment made a big difference for me, thankyou! Printed with 3 perimeters rather than the Slic3r default of 2, to reduce the dense solid infill for the lower layers.

getting lots of stringing. How can I fix this?

I had some stringing with some of my prints. I mostly solved it by following the suggestions here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19504-how-to-fix-stringing. One thing I did differently was to adjust the hot head temperature in 5 degree increments instead of their suggested 10.

The light on corner of rooftop is a bit unfairly positioned. While it seems ok with certain layer heights and scale, if too often produces insane overhang. Print would be much easier with different settings, if it was moved slightly towards center.

That may be so, but so far there haven't been many problems with the lamp. I'll leave the boat as it is. You learn from every model. Of course I try to go to the limits with some models too, so it is often considered as a bigger benchmark alternative :)

I'm a beginner with this 3D printer stuff but I assume if I wanted to print this and actually put it in water I shouldn't use PLA? Reason I ask is because I read that PLA dissolves in water. Should I use ABS instead?

I'm sure what you read is that PLA is biodegradable and will be hydrolyzed over time... but that takes a long LONG time. It's fine to print with for water applications, unless you need those prints to hold up for several decades.

PLA is not water soluble. You might thinking of PVA which is commonly used for support and is water soluble.

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Dude, this is not an advertising zone.

Bro we trying to help ppl with this print

made one in hatchbox wood pla but struggling with some surface issues. will update when I feel better about it. it printed though.

Unfortunately I haven't tried wood myself yet.

How do you print it so well?

Others have printed even better, you can see at the very nice in the gallery. Cooling is always important, otherwise it should be quite printable.

Love it mate! Keep up good work. I forget to select ma last process so i miss last 10mm but kid love it.

I'm using Simplify3D, I'm having trouble with layer 114 at 0.15 resolution. Or where the hull infill starts to get the first top deck layer. It really should be doing bridging since the infill gaps are so big. Instead its trying to lay down a whole flat layer. Any ideas. I tried adjusting the bridging unsupported area from 50 sq/mm to 5 sq/mm to trick it. But I don't know if it views infill as unsupported area?

It doesn't look nice in the slicer but the printer closes my blanket cleanly. There should only be enough top solid layers. I have standard 5 and it doesn't look bad.

Yeah looks like it just plowed through and had enough of a base layer to finish up. On projects like these I'll need to change top solid layers to 3 instead of 2.

As already written, I'm in 5 top shifts, there are no problems. Can be on the count of 3, though.

Just want let you know that this little guy printed awesome and the stl file is about as clean as it could ever be!!!!! thank you so much

Nothing to thank makes me happy

about 4hrs printing time at 70mm/s, 15% infill, 0.15mm layer height???

Great design ! Thanks and keep up the good work ! :)

Hi there - great work - will definately share some love and do some tipping - can you model a modern day bulk carrier ? can send over some pics if you can do - 180000 mt dwat - anyway abt to do the tipping keep up the good work

Your boats are fantastic! What app do you use to design them?

Will try to print it for my son.
Looks much better than benchy.

Mine came out perfect. First random toy I printed for my son!


I am very happy and have fun with the little boat.

Hi, would it be possible to request an boat with not an flat bottom? ( Could be with an included support tray that it gets printed in, with example 0.15-0,2mm spacing between.

This way it would probably float better in water? And if one want a desktop toy it can stay in its craddle / support craddle.

Can make "anchor hole" like benchy?
So that I can tie a loop string to key chain instead.

It's pretty big for a key, though. I'd be happy to do that.

Built one, almost flawless, just slight deformation on the lower right radius of the horn. Grandkid will enjoy it. Thanks

I'm very happy if there were no problems except for small flaws, have fun with it:)

Is there a reason the first layer is just the front of the boat and the second layer is where the base begins? I was trying to print this at 150% scale and noticed this issue as the print failed after the first layer.

My first layer at 150% looks like this.
Downloaded the file extra new.

Yeah I resliced and layer 1 looks fine now.... Odd...

So I go to save it to my sd card and it slices it again and now I have this...

Seems to be based on layer height and scale... I set it to 160% and all is good.

I'm glad to hear that

That is one great thing! Printed at 15% infill it floats like a charm. Kids love it! Thank you for sharing.

well every thing is clear but what the infill did you use or recommended i hope to print at 12% which gives me 35 grams of filament in Cura.

15% filling has never been a problem with me.

Comments deleted.

How fast have any of you with a Prusa MK2 / MK2S printed this? I tried a couple 1.5X size prints at 60mm/sec and detail pieces broke off for me. Has anyone been successful at this speed?

I printed the boat with an mk2s at 80% and 100% at 60mm/sec and everything stayed intact.

Awesome model. Great work.
I like this so much better than Benchy boat.
This one actually floats right side up.

You realize that the point of the Benchy is to "benchmark" the printer, and not necessarily have a functional toy boat, right?

yes I realize that. But, I see no reason why when printing a test it couldn't also be a functional toy.
The original Benchy is a fine model for testing.

there are things to print to make it more "sea" worthy. My daughter has an armada of benchy boats that float right.

You're damn right! I was disappointed when Benchy turned out to be not sea-worthy.

Benchy floats upside-down, does this float right-side-up ?


my ships are all actually floating up. Unfortunately, however, monster waves don't survive these.

Did you print this with or without supports?

The model requires no support

Thanks for the kind words.
The material is once blue - Fillamentum PLA and orange - Janbex PLA

the print quality tho, doesnt even look like FDM.

your printer, printed it like a boss