Almost Impossible Heart

by GregFrost Jul 6, 2012
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Thx a lot.
Please do other puzzles.

Great design, quite hard to solve.
Printing worked perfect on my CR-10S with Janbex filament without any refinishing.

Tolerances are really really tight on this one. I had to do a lot of sanding before handing this one out. Its hard to solve something if the correct solution doesn't move smoothly.

We have made a video Assemble and disassembly of this print.

For more details about our printer, please visit http://garuda3d.com/

How long did it take to make?

Very cool, thanks GregFrost. My DIY printer is not the best with complicated or elaborate prints; however, this heart was very easy to print, fits together very nicely, and required next to nothing in the way of sanding or cleanup. One of the coolest and best puzzles here.

Made this yesterday, thanks! For those having trouble putting it together, you have to "set it up" with the four pieces all sitting on the very outside edge. Um.. if you look there are four small triangles that will sip inside. Try to hold all four pieces in a sort of exploded view, when they are just right the thing will pretty much snap shut on it's own.

i can't put it together ? whats the trick i can get three out of the 4 pieces but can't get the last piece in ???????????????????

Follow the ancestors that this was derived from back to the original almost impossible sphere. It has a video link for how to assemble. The same technique works for the heart.

Very cool, like it very much. I printed this on my PP3DP printer at 0.2mm on Fine, and the parts are incredibly tight. I got it assembled and 95% put together, but I cannot seperate the pieces - haha. Damn.

Do you recommend having to sand each piece, or is a setting change able to solve this?

If the clearance could be increased that would be great, but its a press fit at the moment.