Just another spool holder (Uber Spool Holder)

by glezz Nov 9, 2017
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I love this design and after having this as a 'must print' for some time I printed this yesterday. I used Colido Yellow PLA at .3mm with 3 perimeters, 3 top & bottom layers and 20% infill. Before printing, I modified the spool arm so that it had more support underneath (another semi circle). Unfortunately for me, this was not the weak point.

Under these settings, the spool holder twists and droops under load at about 2/3rds of the way up its supporting arm where its thinnest. The twist/droop is quite severe, although not enough to make a spool drag on the bottom yet - Im sure it will be functional enough for a couple of emergency prints.

I could not recommend anyone print this as a practical spool holder unless they use a large nozzle (eg moarstruder), add lots more perimeters and top/bottom layers, print it solid, or have an un-deformable plastic.

I'd recommend some changes to improve the functionality.
Mirror the support, so that it has two supporting arms rather than one. This will eliminate the twist
Make the arms thicker - hopefully that will reduce the bend
Add a support under the spool arm - just to give it that bit of extra strength.

Simple and beautiful design!

Any chance of sharing the native fusion or .step files for this? I want to add a big of a champfer under the arm, it's drooping slightly under the weight of the 1kg spool. awesome design otherwise :D

Printed it in a few hours with a .6 nozzle and .5mm layer height :P

I have uploaded the source file but it is 123design format.
Hope it helps.

Thanks! Did the modifications, will post a remix if it works better :)

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how much is the weight of the printed object?

depends on your infill...

Love the design, nice & simple, pleasing to the eye, and works.

Finally a simple spool holder!

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Very nice. I like this one over most of the others I've used. No additional parts to deal with and you don't have to switch hubs between spools when changing out. Thanks for sharing with the community!

Your post on Reddit brought me here BTW.