Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Cable car track and stations

by theviking Nov 9, 2017
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I had a toy like that when I was a child (actually, my father had it before, when he was a child..) awesome, will print that!


Great design? what scale is it? I'd like to resize it to g scale some where.
Keep up the good work

Thanks Robert

Hi rroscher

I had some time so the cabin without the hook is 35 mm. I know in real life i need to bend my head to get in to the cabin so i assume it is about 1.65m or something. so i think the scale is more or less 165/3.5=47 times smaller. from google i see that there are different scales for g trains. Wat for scale do you have. I think it will be more or less printing in 200 % I hope you have a large printer and a lot of time because the walls are with my scale 0.2 a 24 hour print in real life. :-). So let me now if you accept the challange.

I am not sure what kind of scale it is. It is maybe a year ago that I start to draw these. I will see how big the door and cabine is to make some reference distance. I know I make this scale to have a nice cabinet and you can see the detail. Of it. The rest i drawn like it looks oke with the cabinet.


One note, in the real Zwölferhorn the top cable is a rail the car rides along and then it has a lower propulsion cable that provides the traction. You can see it in some detail here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ9aPtuBaLg

also description here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial_tramway

Printing these buildings is taking me forever and I'm having warping and lifting problems

The houses are not in scale i put in the description that the thing is in semi scale so for me it was more importand that it works than the scale factor. The houses print idd long I also put in the description that it is not a easy print.
I had also a little bit wrapping but not a verry big deal.


Can you show how the motor attaches? Also do you print 12 of the rolling gliders?


When I have some time this week I try to make a screenshot from the original drawings. I can cut the whole piece in half and you can see how it is attached. I think I just push it in place and it stay there by friction so no glue is used. You need 4 gliding rollers for the top station and 6 rollers for the down station. That makes a total of 10 rollers.


What string do you use for the main cable

Hi the cable is just a fishing tread framni think 0,5 mms if I am not wrong but I am not a fisherman and i bought the string in a 1 euro shop so I don't know anything from fishing

thanks ill try it out...

Let me know how it go. I look forward to see my model printed by other people good luck with it.


is there any way to see a picture of the inside of both "houses"? im just printing the big exterior panels and was just wondering how the internals works... thanks

the big panels is already a verry long print. I think i did 25 hours for the big one :-)
I placed some extra pictures from the houses. If you need more information. I have drawn these in a 3d program so i can give some half section vieuws of the pully system.