Troublemaker 3D printer (Ultimaker derivative)

by Musti Mar 5, 2014
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Hey very nice design and instructions :) i made the chassis yesterday, and am so excited about getting it running, there are a couple of things i am wondering about and that is the "bone shape" piece is that for axis alignments ? and what is the reasons that you went with the PoStep25-32 ? and could i get you to upload the CAD files ?

Can I possibly order the panels for this from someone, or do I need to redirect my efforts towards my my laser-cutter project?

Hello! Congrats for the Great design! Whats the Size of the print area? And do you guys have the dual e3d design ready for this machine?

Print area is 20x20x20, same as Ultimaker Origina. Everything is ready for dual extrusion, use the head mount like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:159390

The Butterfly: lightweight and easy head mount for LM6UU crossbars (eg. Ultimaker)

Hi, excellent work, I really like it! But... could you add the two missing references to my CC-BY designs in the margin ? And I would have find this UM derivative sooner with them! ;)
You may want to check my own wishlist here, by the way http://www.tridimake.com/2014/01/features-and-improvements-for-a-homemade-ultimaker.htmlhttp://www.tridimake.com/2014/...

Yes and this is why I like your printer :)

Thanks for the notice, I completely forgot adding the assembly parts in the sources. Fixed now. You have some very interesting reading on your website. My use case for these printers is designing a wireless optical communication system http://www.koruza.nethttp://www.koruza.net

Thanks again for the links, I am lazy like many people.. it is much easier to check what interesting parts you gathered for your printer :) Do you have some changes you would do, now that you have used it for some time?

To be honest, I am extremely pleased with it and would not change much after running several of these printers for 1000h+. The only thing for improvement would be to reinforce the Z-stage s it deforms slightly due to heating and add an auto-leveling bed. Mechanical in nature, so the nozzle presses it down until it clicks into palce in 3 corners. Pure mechanical auto-leveling. There was a project for this once somewhere.

="thingiverse-45cb15b73729a2c634d3595330f67af9:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-45cb15b73729a2c634d3595330f67af9/tomkooij Hi, the full documentation can be found on the Hacker-group site provided in the description.
I got my copy of .dxf files from there.

Unfortunately there are no instructions in english, photos should be sufficient. Feel free to translate instructions to English.

Just starting out. I liked the design of this. Are there instructions in English? Pictures are great though.

Nice work! Very well documented. Hats off!

All the drawing are in DWG format, which cannot be opened in Open Source software such as Inkscape. Is it possible to upload these in DXF format? (Or SVG)?

Ditto, I am thinking of making a couple of these for our high school but I don't have anything that will open .dwg. I really like the features you have come up with in this.


If you follow the link to the website with originally posted sources: http://www2.drustvo-elektronikov.si/?p=1030 there are dxf, dwg and pdf. I am uploading them there as well not to cause any more confusion.

Ugh.. Sorry I missed that and thanks. I am hoping to build (eventually) four of these for a couple local schools. I'm putting the plan together now then I'll build one for the parents to see and help fundraise for the others. Thanks again.