Waterfall Shower Head

by marqui100 Nov 11, 2017
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If I make a "cap" for the end of this with a smaller slit do you think it will increase pressure and still maintain the laminar flow? I live out in the boonies and don't really have enough straight water pressure for this to work great.

Interesting! I think it's going to be difficult to make the slit any thinner, but making it less wide should increase the pressure. The trick to keeping it laminar is to make any transition smooth. A cap will cause a stagnation point and probably induce some turbulence on the edges. You'll probably need to take the cad and simply reduce the width so it's a smooth transition. I'll try to post the step file when I get a chance.

I never knew I needed this in my life... until now. It just got bumped to the front of my build queue!

Let me know how it turns out! Good luck

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing the video! Glad you enjoyed it.

I made a YouTube video about your shower head, this is the link if you want to use it on this model page to showcase how cool this it is. https://youtu.be/7pEMgMDtxYk

Works great, the fitting was just "plug and play"!
thanks alot!

Does this have standard 1/2-inch NPT threading? Or is this for outside the US?

standard 1/2 in NPT

Great design, I love mine. However, after a few showers with warm water the upper wall collapsed and was not allowing water to come out of the middle area. So I jammed something in there and it works great once again. Maybe a redesign with a thin wall running up the middle to support the top surface from sagging when it is warm. Thanks for the file I love it.

Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear it sagged. Mine is still holding up just fine. What filament did you use? What was your layer height? I can modify the design and put in something to keep it from sagging if need be. I used PLA and printed at 0.2 layer height.

Can you tell me what the appx dimensions of this are?

Just printed this. Great shower head. Needs no washer and fits nicely with no leaks. Its like taking a shower under a waterfall !!

How well does this perform?

What do you mean? It performs very well. The pictures pretty much show how it works.

Did you happen to see a change in your water bill when you switched to this? Thinking about trying it out...

I actually made this for a guest bathroom and I don't use it every day so I'm not 100% sure what it will do to the water bill. I imagine it might increase it slightly because of the higher flow rate but I can't see it being drastic.