Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount

by thjelmfelt Nov 11, 2017
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I like the design. I have remixed it and added a quick attachment shoe that fits my Sunpak Tripod to the base. Not I no longer need to add a nut in the base .

Printed this for my wife yesterday. Used 0.15mm layers, 20% infill, 4 perimeters, in ABS. Printed and worked really well! The only issue I had was that my nut did not want to drop into its receiver; I had to force it in using a 1/4-20 bolt I was fortunate to have lying around.

All in all, a fantastic design; I'll be printing a couple more next- One for work and one for wife to have a spare in case it breaks.

I was about to copy and re-model this to add a 3D printed screw hole at the bottom to directly screw it on a tripod. But I saw you put it in !
This is very simple and effective, no springs or nothing, thank you so much you rock !

I 1st printed this at 20 percent infill and the screw snapped like a twig. Then I printed the screw at 100 percent infill and it seemed ok , but the head of the screw snapped clean off when tightening slightly. I'm trying to superglue the head back on , I'll see if it holds.

Sorry you are having issues! You shouldn't need to do 100 percent infill. I'd recommend doing more shells (or outlines) for strength I doubt you should need more than 30% infill. By the way, Maker's Muse put out a good video on printing parts for strength: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NzDr1YAb8Q

However, based on what you are saying, I bet your problem is due to the Z layers not bonding together. I would try raising your print head temperature by 5 C or more and see if that helps. If that doesn't help you may want to try a different filament. Good luck!

You did a darn fine job on this one. Printed in nylon, still with all parts on my Flashforge Dreamer! Came out perfect no cleanup, and everything fits together excellently!
Great design!

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Made this, but had to increase horizontal size compensation in S3D by .5mm for the screw to get a nice tight fit.. Also printed it with 6 shells and 75% infil for strength. Added non slip mesh to top and bottom cradle using double faced duct tape to keep phone from sliding. Very nice design and very useful! Thanks for putting it out here!

I like the non slip mesh! If I had a lot more free time I'd like to go back and make a dual extruder version where you could have a TPE grip printed right on there.

I made the threads with a lot of clearance so anyone could print it not just those with a hyper accurate printer. I think the bar has been rising for printers and I don't need to allow for as much.

I think this is great how it is! The original print worked, just cocked the screw as you made it tight enough so the phone did not slide out.
I had never used that horizontal compensation and printed about 6 screw working my way up to perfect.. it was a good learning experience.

I have only been at this since Feb and have been using Onshape exclusively as my first CAD software as it is free and fairly easy to get basic things done. I have not been spending much time trying to learn more advance thing as it has been sufficient for my little cable hold downs and webcam mount etc.. But now I want to know how to make threads! Just need to find time!

Posted my setup the other night while the first print of the screw was in progress https://discourse.octoprint.org/t/m2-pi-with-head/1952

I learned on DesignSpark Mechanical and if all you ever want to do is make STL files, it's really great and super easy (more so than sketchup). Unfortunately, if you ever want to take the next step and actually manufacture something you will run into trouble since nobody else can read their CAD files. Therefore, I have switched over to AutoDesk's Fusion 360. It's super powerful and Free if you are a student or start up. It's not quite as easy as DesignSpark but it's easy enough and WAY more powerful.