Laser cut, shape-conforming spiral bowls

by gorgonaut Nov 11, 2017
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I am a total newbie.... I want to take this to the library to be cut. Can someone please help/tell me what sized piece of wood I need to have?

Thank you in advance!!

Any tips on what I need, how to read and etc... would be MORE than appreciated

Yeah, they used this in their ad :)

this is a 3d print site. why dont you put some 3d files we can print?

There are many designs specifically for laser cutting here on Thingiverse.
The file is a DXF vector file, so If you'd like a 3d model to print, you can extrude the vectors a few mm. I even think several slicers have this built in:)

Here's an SVG file for those who like Inkscape.

Woohoo! Thanks- I completely forgot SVG would be handy as well. Kudos!