Keychain Pill Bottle - No Glue or Support

by varind Nov 11, 2017
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20mg round pills fit perfectly If you reduce the print by 25%

i would like to ask if you could make a larger version for people like me who take several medications every day for people like me with anixiety disorders , about 4 cm x 4cm square area is whats required to fill up one of my doses when i laid my pills on a graphing paper

and since i do have a engineering mind i was also hoping you could make the container with the male threads on the container and the female thread on the cap, i need a larger size but i also dont want to waste material simply because of the need to otherwise scale

But the inside needs to be at least 23 mm contaiment capacity diameter for a big pill of mine
its not a rush i got medication containers , but its just in case i forget my containers at home so it would be more convenient at my campus , so i could just go to a 3dprinter since they have a healthcare system at my campus where i am a student , its important because i can only legally get so many refills in a given time because some of my prescription medicine is a controlled substances but i only take what the doctor says so its technically legal

Hello Tim, please check out my other pill bottle design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2742430

This one has more space inside, and you can just scale it up fit any pill. Let me know if it works for you, and if not, I'll try to design something that does.

Keychain Pill Bottle V2
by varind

i just looked and it figured it out a lot quicker then i first thought

i looked i need a little more then 40 mm diameter of inner capacity , this one is only 18 mm width total, thats about 4 mm off from half of the 40 mm , which is the 40 mm is just a little short on what i need

OK, I finally had some time to work on this. Take a look at this design and let me know if will work for you:


Screw-Top Container
by varind

thank you , i will work on that during the weekend, but if i dont come to a consenus within 3 weeks , by all means ask for a follow up but generaly speaking it should be earlier even on the weekend or even tomorrow

Nice. Fits 2 round ibuprofen. Any chance of a taller version that fits 4?

Comments deleted.

I added a taller version for you. I haven't printed it yet, so let me know if it works for 4 ibuprofen.

Taller version fits 4 - Thanks!

I'll try the new version too.

Also, check out my new design with "outer threads". It'll fit 4 ibuprofen and it's about the same height and just a little wider.

Keychain Pill Bottle V2
by varind

Any chance you could invert this so the male threads are on the bottle and the female threads on the lid?
This allows for a smoother surface inside the bottle, which is great for carrying around my BC Aspirin powder, otherwise I get my threads jammed up. This is my favorite pill bottle I've seen yet though!

That is a great idea! I’m away from my computer this week but I will work on that when I get home.

Awesome! Let me know when it's up!
I don't have PayPal, but if you have a Bitcoin address I'll toss ya a tip when you're done.

Here ya go!

P.S. I don't use Bitcoin, but thanks for the offer!

Keychain Pill Bottle V2
by varind