LM8UU housing

by aeropic Nov 12, 2017
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Is the height customizable too? In my case i need some more space between rod and bed holder.

No, sorry, it is not parametric, you should grab the source and try to modify it (it is not that complex !).

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hello there! Great things you design! Thanks for that. In the 4th picture here, you have an Omega-shaped holder for the threaded rod of the Y axis. I couldn't find them. Would you mind sharing a link please ?
Thank a lot in advance ;)

Anet A8 mount to the base
by Jeka_tm

Great part - works perfectly!

For better handling I would to propose some small improvement:
Sometimes it is not easy to pull out a self-printed bearing. It would be easier, if at the rear side of the cylindrical chamber the wall has a gap where I can pull out the bearing with a small tool. I made this with a small round file after printing (see the upper right one at https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/4b/dd/b4/1f/11/2fb5a4a1468b265c70ef860b7075753f_preview_featured.jpg)

Something exactly like that! Thanks a million!

I would like to print it with threads, but when I select threads nothing happens. Threads are marked with "yes" but there are no threads? does anyone know why? when I select bottom then it works...but not with threads.

I could cut them, but that does not work as good as printing them...thanks for your help.

can someone try to make a file with 4mm threads, 15.1mm and bottom ??

To get the threads printed you shall customize with :

  • nuts = no
  • diameter 4 mm
  • threads = yes

For sure you forgot to remove the nuts ...

No, I did remove the nuts...


I hope this works...can you check this? maybe I missed something, but I can't see any threads.

I printed other things, like a mount to screw the frame to a table.
When I sliced this mount, I could see the threads in Simplify3d, I also checked it with Slicer...

My Customized L

You're right the customizer is bugged and does not include the threads. Just go the OpenScad way, download it (free) and change the first lines of the script. it works ...

// copyright aeropic 2017

// play with this value to trim the screw diameter. (If you use threads set it to 4 mm)
screw_diam = 4; //[2.9,3,3.1,3.9,4,4.1,4.2]

// bushing outer diameter
bushing_diam = 15.1; //[14.9,15,15.1,15.2]

// do you want M4 nuts ?
nuts = "no"; //["yes","no"]

// do you want threads ? (if yes set the screw diam to 4mm)
threads = "yes"; //["no","yes"]

// do you want bottom restriction ?
bottom = "yes"; //["yes","no"]

Thank you a lot for the stl. I did not see the scad file at first. I checked it and it also works. ;)
Nice to have if the diameter would need adjustment.

Printed great and installed easily however it drags and binds on the stock rods, i tried new precision rods from a local supplier and I had very same issue.

If I install them very loosely, it will move and slide pretty easily but nowhere near how the original bearings did and I get a ton of noise in the print.

Any ideas?

As they are printed verticaly to get the maximum accuracy at the hole level, the flat surface may have some irregularities that need some sanding.
Just gently sand them flat on a flat surface ?

How much is weight important to printing quality?

Difficult question... What is sure is that the energy which is stored in a mobile object is 1/2 M V².
This energy shall be dissipated in the motors, the belts acting as spring and the frame that absorbs part of the vibrations.
When you have found a good print speed with which the ringing effects are acceptable recovering some mass (M) will allow you to print faster but only with a root square ratio ...
==> or if you keep the speed constant, the more you win on mass, the better the quality! but I will not quantify this ;-)

Can confirm IGUS fit perfectly and nice. The inside of the blocks is even rough enough on the inside to make them stick without using the secure wire.

Thanks for making these! :)

Thanks for the positive feedback !

Will they work for ANET A6 aswell?

If the A6 is provided with those standard alu block housing, the answer is yes !
Those housing have standard dimensions.

Thank you. I'll try yours housings.

I'm working on a custom build with some salvaged parts from printers copiers ect. I love your bushings https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2537701 and it's the perfect scad to tweak and play with them! I have a 12mm rod, and have customized some bushings and wanted to use this thingi to hold them... problem is, I'm no good with SCAD, was hoping the customizer would take into account different sized bushings OD and Length, as I have made my OD 20mm, and Length 30mm to accommodate the larger rod... any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

ANET A8 Spiral vase linear bushing
by aeropic

Not really difficult... But do you care of the distance between the center or the rod and the flat mounting surface ? Or may I decide myself ?

You can decide for yourself... wish I understood the SCAD better. Thank you so much for your time and help!

I did this, tell me if it is OK ... (somewhat quick and dirty modifications of the code, I did not changed the threads !)

what is the difference besides being bigger?

No difference, it's just bigger for a 12mm rod !

Same question for the position of the nuts ? I select the footprint surface i wish ?

Those look great! I'm sure after I compare the two SCAD files I'll figure out what does what in the script lol :D Thank you so much for your time! As soon as I get paid again, I'm definitely going to send a few bucks your way. YOU SIR, ARE AMAZING.

As far as the position of the the nuts and screw holes, that's fine. I'll just drill my board/plate/whatever to fit ;)

The customizer doesn't seem to be working properly for me. Is anyone else having issues? I don't see where I can change the screw/nut size as mentioned in a previous comment thread. I'd like to adjust for M3 screws and nuts as I am using a custom gantry plate.

Humm, I've the feeling the customizer is down again ... This program is bullshit !
We have to wait few hours or so maybe there is some maintenance running ?
Otherwise just donwload Openscad and play with it (it's simple and free)

Moreover, the customizer won't allow you to modifiy the size of the nuts. Openscad yes, just follow those instructions :

there is a line in the script which deals with the nuts something finishing with
if (nuts == "yes") translate ([-7,0,0]) # four_screws(8.2, 6);

Just replace the value 8.2 by 6.1 or 6.2 and you'll get a perfect slot for M3 nuts !

and don't forget to set the scerw diam to 3.1 too !

Cool! I think I got it sorted out. I'm gonna do a test print with one and see if everything fits. Do you print them flat on the bed or standing up?

Perfect !
I print them standing up. Otherwise the hole would not be regular ...

Quick question, first Thanks for the upload and bearing suggestion. Will the Igus linear bearings fit ?https://folgertech.com/collections/bearings/products/igus-rj4jp-01-08-8mm-linear-bearing-to-replace-lm8uu
I guess I'll find out, waiting on some to come in. See which is quieter, love my A8 but the noise needs to be adjusted. Thanks again, I'll repost with my findings

Oh Yes they are fully compatible with any standard size LM8UU including of course the IGUS ones.

Love these housings! Have replaced my X and Y axis with your housings and bushings. Thanks man.

You're welcome !
If not already done, please post a 'i made one'...
Thanks for the feedback

I use these bearings https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2739639, with this housing
All printed on a ANET A6 and using it on a ANET A6 with standard 0.4 mm nozzle.
Seems to works fine.

My Customized ANET A8 A6 Spiral vase linear bushing OD14.8mm ID8.25mm H26

Good choice !!!!


I just published a remix.

For the Y axis END SWITCH of the ANET A6.

Print 1 of this remix and 3 of the originals.

It works on my A6 :-)


That's cool thanks. i did not know the end switch of the A6 was no more triggered with the printed housing. On the A8 it works fine.

THANK YOU for this design, AND for the spiralized bearings!! Brilliant work.... A suggestion and a question; I have a Wanhao i3 and printed out PLA copies of the stock aluminum bearing blocks and have been using them. They have threaded/printed holes for attaching to the bed support plate so you don't need a nut. Wondering if you could modify your design to replace the nut recesses with threaded holes? My cad resources and skillset are very limited, otherwise I'd give it a shot myself..... And question; with the Wanhao rods, do you have any ID/OD suggestions for their standard (8mm) rods to fit into your housings? I had a set printed that worked for my "old style" bearing blocks, but putting them into these squeezes/tightens them.... looking to reduce the trial and error process in printing a new set. ;*)
Again, Bravo....and thanks.

You're welcome !

Concerning the threaded printed holes, this option is already included in the openscad script and should be accessible through the customizer. Unfortunately, I don't know why, but the customizer ihas been down for a week or so... I tried to open other customizable designs but they too don't want to open in customizer...
The diameters too are customizable.

I guess we all have to wait for a thingiverse action ...
The other option would be to download Openscad (free) and open the script with it then modify the values in the first line (everything is commented)

Incredible....downloaded/installed OpenSCAD and the file and voila... there it was!! Most excellent work. And fyi, I used 14.8 OD and 8.3 ID for the bearings. Can you explain a little more what "trimming the inner diameter" does? Does that not change the ID? Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Trimming the innerD Basicaly allows to enlarge or reduce it.
In fact i could have used a single variable but to fit a rod of 8mm the user should have set a value of 8.1mm i then introduced an offset parameter to deal with this 0.1...

Now how to perfect fit all this ? First trim the output diam only using a housing... Once OK trim the innerD. This avoids printing a too small bushing that would stretch around the rod and fit the housing....

are they compatible with Igus DryLin Bearings?

Thank you! :-)

Yes, sure ! They are standard in terms of size and the IGUS fit perfectly.

These housings with your spiral bearings are so amazing, wow. i just cant get over how smooth and quite they are. and the weight reduction has eliminated 95% of the shake.

That's the kind of feedback I like ;-)
Thank you

If I change the openSCAD file to use M3 screws, is there an easy way to also use M3 nuts?

Yes , there is a line which deals with the nuts something finishing with
if (nuts == "yes") translate ([-7,0,0]) # four_screws(8.2, 6);

Just replace the value 8.2 by 6.1 or 6.2 and you'll get a perfect slot for M3 nuts !

and don't forget to set the scerw diam to 3.1 too !

Okay, very nice

Thanks! Also printed your bearings. Need to get some bolts to install, but very happy with these!

Can I use filament as a pin?

It's better to use a true pin or a piece of steel wire or a piece of paper clip... There is not room enought for 1.75 mm axis...

Good idea with the paper clip, I will use that

Great idea with the pin.

Yes, thank you!
My goal was to make those housing so that in case of wearing of the bushings they could be changed on the ANET A8 without having to remove the bed and maybe, even without having to level the bed !
Just push the Y rod accros the frame, remove the pin, push the old bushing from behind and pull it !

When I customise, I don't get the bottom part. Tried few combinations of parameters, none seemed to work. I can fix mine, but you might want to check...

Thanks for this feedback. I've fixed it. It seems there is a bug in customizer which does not support "if ... else ..." statements...
I did a quick and dirty workaround ;-)

Please tell me if it is OK now !

Seems good now - thanks!

or you can use open SCAD