Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

HyperCube Evolution - gdachs remix

by gdachs Nov 12, 2017
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you can add my extruder mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3171824 just give credit

Hypercube SCAD extruder mount

Will you publish all parts? I want to have XY carrier in SCAD to modification. Thanks.

They are not made by me. I have them from thingiverse, not sure from where exactly, sorry.

How much space are you giving for clearance up top with the bowden/filament path?

I added 100mm to the top and 60 mm to the bottom. Maybe I will change the bottom part and move everything deeper to allow to have more space in the top. I have to see how the tubes gets bend.

If you are going to use TouchUI in a touch panel maybe this is relavant for you:

Ill test it when I find time. Looks pretty cool. I just got my cheap, chinese 320x480 TFT, but didn't even test it yet.

Building the docker image didn't make any problems. Still trying to figure out how to run the container.
I know a lot of computer languages, but I don't know go. It seems not to be very complicated. What I have seen so far, is that I would have to change the resolution of the display, as it is hard coded. My display has a resolution of 800x480.

I think I would miss some features from OctoPrint Plugins, like the possibility to switch off the PSU.

Its in a very early stage, the docker is just for build the binary, I is being just mainly for me. I plan to release this as a octoprint plugin to install fromt he GUI and also release deb packages for Raspbian.

But still I am finishing my HEVO, so I will continue with this in some days.

Tell me if you want me to test something. As I told, I don't know go, but I am a very experienced programmer, so I might be helpful.

Sure, as soon I have a release, that can be installed, I will let you know.

The application is build using the docker container, executing:
docker build -t mcuadros/octoprint-tft:build . inside of the folder of the project in your RPi.

After that simply copy the OctoPrint-TFT binary and the styles folder from the inside of the built image to RPi host linux. Configure the env variables: OCTOPRINT_TFT_STYLE_PATH to the path where you copied the styles folder and OCTOPRINT_APIKEY with your OctoPrint API key.

Now you can execute startx /path/to/OctoPrint-TFT

This looks very promising. Exactly that I was missing. I surely will give it a try. Thanks!