Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Google Home AIY Case

by D4rkC00d3r Nov 12, 2017
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Is this for V1 or V2 of the AIY Voice Kit?

It is designed for version 1, however as you can see it's not a finished model.

Thanks, and it looks great.

A couple of problems I see with the top.

First, I do not see any holes for the microphones. The plastic may be acoustically transparent enough , but I'm not sure.

Second I don't see a way to 'mount' the Pi board. Tentatively I expect to use 3m high tack foam tape to mount it to the top of the speaker, but that's more or less a temporary kludge. A better fix would be a mount stand that slips over the studs the speaker mounting holes go through, that then supports a base plate for a Raspberry Pi in a fixed place.

Third, I'm not seeing any routing for a power cable. Again as a temporary fix, will run it through the opening in the back.

I ran both the base and the top through MeshLab, importing, then exporting, and got STL files that Cura 15.04.6 didn't choke on. For some reason it did choke on the original base, with errors that are not showing up now that I've read them with MeshLab. The problem could have been that initialization of Cura, as I can't replicate the errors now.

Printing the top with support as I've tried printing a top (the other 'round' design) w/o and ended up with a lot of stringing, as you would expect.

I'm not sure what you are building this in, but you should be able to tag the centerline for the shape, and tell the program to orient that line vertically along the Z axis. One of those, probably just needs research. Printing it as it is with support, and will see how that turns out.

Thank you for the design. I'll see if it works out for me. It should only take about 15 hours for the entire print run, but as I'm printing the bottom now, and that's going to take from 1-2 hours, I'm going to go and get some sleep, and won't kick off the 13 hour top print till I wake up.

Did you print the base with or without supports?

How does the top fail?

The base prints perfect without supports or rafts. The top is not level and the top has slicing issues I think.