CR10 Spool Frame Mount

by Zeigbo Nov 12, 2017
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I got it to work but the tolerances on the thumb screw holes were a little too tight. I had to drill them out just slightly.
Also removing support was a real pain. The holder fits in the slot perfectly provided you remove EVERY bit of the support.

Why is this part needed? With the stock thumb screws you can just add 2 t-nuts and screw it directly to the rail. Am I missing something? That is how I mounted mine with no need for this mount.


I didn't have T-nuts to fit the thumb screws, but I did have some leftover from adding other items to my printer of a different size. This will also ensure you don't inadvertently scratch the frame with metal to metal contact on the visible surface.

Just curious as to why the filament was breaking when it was mounted on the control box? I mean was it due to the Z-Axis interfering or because of heat coming off of the control box, or something else?

(So far I have not had any issues, but would rather avoid them before they happen).

I think it was just how close I had the control box to the printer. With it close, my filament would break after a few days from what I assume was constant pressure where the filament entered the tube to my extruder motor.

This could be due to humidity in my room or cheap filament as well. I wanted my spool mounted on top because it takes up less desk space up there, and the extra slack seems to stop my filament from breaking.

it still breaks doesn't it?

hello, tomorrow I print the plate for the support, I was impressed by the supports you have built to give stability to the z axis, where can I find them?
thank you


The ones I used are from the second link, but the first link would work as well if you had the ability to make those parts.

CR10 Braces ( All CR10 Variants )
Frame Braces for Creality CR-10, Tevo Tornado, and Afinibot A31

very nice, thanks you were very kind

on your printer do not have the wire end sensor?
on my cr10s there is the sensor that is not fixed well because it is only incatsrato.
I'm afraid that placing the wire at the top of the sensor may have problems.
are there any changes to make for this eventuality?

This is exactly what I was looking for and works pretty well. I ended up having to print it with supports for the slot, but that very well may be because my settings aren't quite fine tuned yet. Thanks!

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i made it, but hole for metal spool frame are too tight..

I intentionally made the slot for the metal frame tight so there wouldn't be any play. I printed mine with support that I used an xacto knife to cut out. Or do you mean the holes for the screws to go through. That was also left tight for the screws to cut their own threads.

thanks for the reply, I meant the side hole to fix the metal bracket of the filament holder. . the hole is too tight, infact I fixed the support above and in any case the holes for the screws go very well and the support remains fixed.

If you'd like, I could make the slot larger. Can you measure your metal bracket's thickness with a caliper? Perhaps the metal they use has changed thickness.