Volkswagen Bus 1970s

by ChaosCoreTech Nov 13, 2017
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Man!!!! You are a Fusion 360 God!!!!

How do you slice this with only support in the windows I use Cura?

Could you provide the Fusion 360 files? I want to make it with movable wheels and more stuff.
thanks :D

Could you share the CAD files in STEP or IGES? I would like to make a remix, splitting the body for separated printing of different parts colours.

Hi guy. Compliments for the job. What did you use to make the windows? Tnks

I used this design to modify my Chinese robot car, you can see a move on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_p8ORQKgPc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1AVT99b3RNNYgROtYPvHWxKeUzfWg0U9fDmzGYDU9n5Mb-LrqVCBTGvzM

The STL file is uploaded and the middle section and roof are from original design.


Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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You're a great team! Great Job, thank you.

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I’m new to the rev hobby and wanted to this as a body. What scale is the vanbus

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What has been used to paint it?

Looks great! I feel compelled to make a model of my Vanagon now haha. Nice work!

Well done, this came out superb!

Hi I want to prime and paint it.. wondering what primer is good so it does not hide the detail of the bus? Or do you just paint it without primer?

Awesome work! We salute you!

Hi all,must the TOP be printed with supports?

hello. was hoping i could ask someone to post a remix of the body that has supports built in for the window frames ?
i can't afford to get simplify 3D at over $200 AU... its out of my reach, and the slicing software that i have can only do all supports or none, and this will mess up the body i think.

if someone could post a remix that includes built in supports,(just for the window frames) that would be awesome.

I want to make a it smaller i have a 7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1" (200 x 200 x 180 mm) so i don't know how small to make it so everything fits right can someone help me

Very good job ! It's beautiful ! For you next creation you can make a new "Corvega atomic V8" from Fallout (if you know) because i don't found a correcly file on internet to print it in 3D. Thanks for your works.

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Hi i had the same problem as junkie_ball the prusa slicer would not slice correctly.

I put the body STL though https://service.netfabb.com/service.php (netfabb) and it fixed the STL file.

Hope this helps others with this issue

how big do i make the pin s3d brought it in huge

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Anyone had issues trying to slice the main body. Would really like to attempt to make this but sli3r prusa edition doesn't seem to like it.

Amazing work! How did you get the printed model that smooth? O_O

Any way you could post this with all the files split up by the color? I have a Prusa mk2s MMU and would love to make one without having to paint it. Great Model, Thanks for sharing

I will love too. Great job, easy to print, but I'm so bad in painting

Waow very very nice! And i love your video. Would it be possible to have the step? or a version with a thin wall on the windows (0.8mm)?

Really awesome !!! Would like to see Audi S1 Pikes Peak. ;-)

Love the model. Although you never used the 3D printed windows yourself, would you be able to upload the files for them. I'd like a to take a shot at printing some. Thanks

a 70's bus is a Bay Window not a Split window, this is a 60's bus ;)

Great work! You made it look, so easy in the video!
Only the two front corner pillars geometry looks awkward. You should have take in consideration the curvature of the body you made the cuts. Anyway thank you for sharing your work.

Love the designs, I hope you make more cars!

Nice model :-)
God work

Hate to be a stickler but this model bus was produced between 1960-1967

That being said, great work

You would be incorrect. Also, he did say he didn't make it accurate to any particular year.

Add for a bus almost like this. The year, 1970. Even a 1974 bus had similar body lines. Please look up your info.


Official model years
T1 - 1960-1967
T2 - 1968-1979
Both with slight variations through model years.

When talking bus history Brazil doesn't enter the equation. Probably why that bus hasn't sold. Anyone who knows anything doesn't want it.

As a student of bus history and former owner of an
Amber 1973 T2 (Buster)
Dakota Beige 1978 T2 Westfalia (Addie)
I commend you on your considerable efforts.

And once again Awesome model ChaosCore

As a fellow VW enthusiast Casket repair is correct. 70's Split Window buses were not available anywhere but Brazil and were made to different standards than the buses of the rest of the world. A 70's split window is referred to as a Brazillian Bus and not just a bus for good reason.

I was just thinking the same thing. It looks a lot like my old '64.

Great job!
The model looks awesome.

I really like this model. Great work.

Hi I loved the video You did on creating the Volkswagen. I have tried to make one myself though it wasn´t a vw. I hope to see more like this in the future.

Thanks , Magnus

As usual...nice work!

One question: what did you use for the windows? Clear plastic or what?

Thanks, Luciano.

the end of video tells you what they used.

yeah, I was wondering that too, if I had to guess he probably used thin sheets of lexan plastic which you can get at Hobby Stores or even Ebay...