CR-10 Cat File

by Elproducts Nov 13, 2017
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I'm having trouble importing the cat stl file into tinkercad. it says fte file is too big,
Is there a file that tinkercad will accept? thank you.

Thank for your Cura settings , currently printing inland petg cr-10 cat at 250c nozzle / bed 100c FR%50 && thank you for your efforts on covering monoprice cat file to cr-10 compatibility / it also works on ender 3 DiY Resume 3D printer !!!.

Are there any settings I can tweak to help with overhangs?

Anyone knows what the "Chinese" (probably) text mean?

It's supposed to be Japanese/Chinese (the kanji) for cat or "neko"/"mao" respectively but it appears the radical on top of the right symbol is incorrect

Check file section!

For a Ender 3 do I just import the Ender3_Catprofile.fff ? I followed the video and you state different settings then what's in the fff file! I didn't know if you adjusted the setting's to what is best for the Ender 3 or if I'm to change according to the video! Thanks..

I might have enabled thin wall printing but other than that it should be the same.


Check file section!

Cheers, I had already seen CHEPs video

+1 for a Cura version of the profile... Please

Check file section!

Anywhere i can find these profile setting to import into Cura, tried the files and had no luck, seems i need a proper Cura profile to import.

Would I simply be able to use the G-code on an Ender 3?

I believe that would work but the owl will end up in the back corner of the printer.

I'm a huge n00b here.. but this shows printing on it's back.. but in your video it's on it's feet.. should I flip it so that it's up in the slicer?

Yes, Print it on its feet.

You can slice the .stl anyway you want.
The .gcode is the sample file from my CR-10 so I don't have the settings for that.

Thank you for sharing. I am looking to retrieve the slicing parameters of this model. Do you know how to do it? Thank you in advance.

I put the file in http://gcode.ws/, it looks like we can derive most of the settings there. I began printing one last night and it turns out my gcode was corrupt, but the model was turning out fantastic.