by bboggess Nov 14, 2017
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its cool but this student is cheating he is going to the engirnering page and asking people to like his thing so he gets a better grade sorry but dont cheat

i disagree, this is the student learning marketing techniques. not cheating.

always have to disagree on somthing

no not really, you dont need to get sour or vulgar either. since when have i ever disagreed on anything else? i just disagree when someone says it's cheating when it's not. set a reminder to review this comment in your calendar for 5 years time and when you are not a kid, you will understand.

yeah well dont you fucking disagree on everything

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Honestly, basing someones grade off of likes is ridiculous. How are people even supposed to find your design?? The only way people could see it is if they were specifically looking for a vice. It is a good design and I think a lot of people would like it if they saw it but if no one does your grade suffers? And some people don't bother clicking the like button. That grading system is ridiculous. Maybe the grade should be based off of how well the print comes out or how well the design works or something actually important like that. I would not call advertising your design cheating. (Also what did you use for CAD in your class)

The likes DOES NOT EFFECT THE GRADE, but is a portion of a contest. We are having a "Forged in Plastic" contest between the students for the vise project where 50% of the score is design, 25% print quality and 25% of the number of community likes. The winner receives a spool of PLA and bragging rights! That's it!

All of my student have passed the class with flying colors.

I did not want to totally dictate the scoring and thought that the community could help out. I also thought that the number of downloads could factor in but you can like something that may not be useful to you and therefore not download it.

My students are simply doing what I suggested. It is a contest and the winner will be determined by what they do to get the highest score.

If you want flame someone, then flame me!

someone posted on facebook "if you want everyone to like you, become an ice cream seller". you are teaching real word values here, even if its not related to the course, every engineer needs to learn how to market themselves, whether it's shameless plugs or relying on pity points ;) good on you for getting student designs out into the community too. these are the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Now I want to see links to the other students and their designs! Putting aside the issue of grading etc, I think it is great that you are teaching design like this. Is this a high-school, college, or other level course?

We work at Dynetics which is an R&D company and have our own Dynetics University which is basically engineers teaching engineers.

Searching on Vise or Vice and filtering the newest post will lead you to some of their work for the vise contest. Other designs were a paper clip and a door stop which was their first assignment. I asked them to post their work here on Thingiverse so that in their future this would become part of their way of sharing their designs. I myself, have gotten tons of great ideas from this forum and have posted many designs myself (Battman540)..

It is unfortunate that a simple mis-wording lead to a flame storm to me and my students. It was an honest mistake by them and myself.

I am reluctant to post their information after the fire storm but you and every one else can search on what I stated above to see what they accomplished.

But wait, there's more. I will be teaching this class at least two times a year for a while. So far it has been wildly popular and I expect the classes to be full within a few hours of the registration opening up. We are a fast paced, very energetic company that gets things done! I'm 63 tears old and I find it wonderful that I can teach these younger engineers things that will help them along in their careers not to mention all they have helped me learn along the way.

Kind of ironic, but the winner of the competition was the BEST VISE.

Thanks for the reply. No worries, it's all good. :-)

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The amazing part of this is that 10 weeks ago he had never printed a 3D object. In that time he has built his printer, learned how to print and also how to design in my class. Everyone had a blast from what I can tell.

All of my students built the Tronxy X3A printer. I showed them some build tricks and we also made a few mods as we built them. Once we had them dialed in we were getting some very good prints.

I'm hoping to post my build tricks in the Tronxy forum when I can get the time to clean them up.

Maybe teach him not to spam groups asking for likes for his project next time...

it wasnt spam for me. i'm not sure which groups you were in, but i got it in "engineering" and "things with actual uses". they fit the category of what the forum was designed for. he also did say "if you like it, then like it". spam is when people post stuff about how to stream football.
no apology is necessary to the community, and i encourage the students to reach out and market their product. this is how the real world is and it's good that this student took initiative to find a path to win.

He is trying to win a contest between the other students.

Contests are all well and good. Spamming groups with messages to try and win your contest isn't. Especially in a setup like thingiverse has where we really can't block or even get rid of spam afterwards. Spam is wrong, period. and what I don't see here is an "oops, I'm sorry I didn't know I won't do that anymore". but rather the two of you trying to justify it as normal and perfectly fine because there was a contest? No! Especially given how much spam from the illegal TV recording crowd we have received in the past month. At best it was ignorant and tone deaf, and your continued support and justification of it is stupid.

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What an amazing vise. What'd that take? A couple of spools?

Would have liked it also without your comment ;-)

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I made a jaw plate sleeve (I think I named it small_vise_sleevePads) for the small vise. They are fairly beefy and should hold up well.