rEvolve- Headstrap for the HTC Vive

by SynergyWiz Nov 16, 2017
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Would like to see templates for the felt/foam/velcro so I don't have to free hand it

Any plans to make this adapt to the Oculus Quest?


I'm thinking about printing this for my own vive, but I wanted to know if there is a part that i can print or directly buy from your website that can support a htc vive wireless adapter. I would buy it straight up from the website, but it doesn't say if it is compatible or not. Please let me know soon.

Thanks for posting this.

Over the past week I have printed and assembled the headset and there are definitely some pluses and minuses to it.
I'm a big fan of the idea of moving the weight off of your eyes and onto your forehead, as well as being able to tilt up the lenses themselves. I have long wished that the Vive had a head mount similar to that of the PS VR, which is much more comfortable.
This headset can be much more comfortable than the stock Vive straps, however, there are some definite issues.

The comfort of both the headset and the eye foam piece
Wider angle of view due to being closer to the lenses
Easy to remove and attach the Vive

The main issue I see is that the size of heads it will fit comfortably is not a very wide range. My roommate's head is too large for the largest setting on the headset and my girlfriend's head is small enough that the headset seems a bit lose when pulled vertically off her head. Long hair seems to cause problems with the back section of the headset staying secure as well.
For longer hair the headset has to be much tighter it seems and can be uncomfortable for that reason.

My goal was to allow for hot-swapping between multiple people for games like Beat Saber and Holopoint.
I had hoped this would be a less sweaty solution to that issue, but I don't think that it is. With the kick starter being complete, I don't expect a lot of change to this design.
For a single user that can get this set up the way they want it, I believe this is a good and comfortable option. The price can't be beaten.
I will look into the deluxe audio strap and see how that works next. Thanks again for the upload.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi there!

Thanks for uploading the headstrap here. Currently printing it. Had a few small problems with making the gcode, and one instance of spaghetti PLA all over the place. But all seems good now, and I am at the last STL file.
One question though: are supports not needed for the Front-BackHeadRest-FrontPin-FrontLock-BackSlide pieces?

My mistake, I just saw the description about the front part needing support material

what type of plastic should be used pla or abs and at what setting, what infill.

Perimeters, infill and other suggestions?

I'm printing in Simplify 3D and had problems with a gap in the twist-lock pins, and problems with some strange missing triangles in the large back piece that the "button" fits into.

I'm seeing the same issues in the models in Simplify 3D. Has anyone fixed them?

I ended up slicing in Cura. Worked fine.

You can also use Autodesk's STL checker. Can't remember the link, but it should fix it up.

Can’t wait to remix this !

very impresive headstrap,
i want to start printing it but i can't because i can't find this kind of springs on ebay.
can you please direct me to links to this springs so i can buy it online.
thank you

Sure thing, you can purchase the Velcro, padding and springs on our website at www.synergywiz.com/revolve.

I have printed this and assembled it all went well used cura to slice it comes up with a non manifold error but a repair option sorts it out, I used support bed only for the large front to support the arms.
Assembly went easy used my own springs I had a box full of odd springs.
things I would like to see.. I would like some adjustment on the angle of the HMD when I put mine on I cannot get it to sit flat on my face.
My head band is also a bit tight front to back but that could be my padding is too thick. Every time I flipped it up it popped the cover off the front of the HMD.
Overall a nice product and a big thanks for putting it on here for us to download and use free of charge.
for anyone wondering PLA it well strong enough, Printing done in ABS would have to be good because the tolerances are tight on some pieces.
Hope you don't mind an honest review.

Hi, Armoured Farmer. Thank you for a very informative review. I am totally new to the 3D printing scene with no experience yet. My friend has ordered a 3D printer and I hope to join in on the fun. I was wondering how much material is used to print this model? I mean, if i bring him a 1 kg spool of ABS 1,75 mm, would that be enough?
Thank you in advance.
Johnny (from Denmark).

Hi Johnny good to hear you and your friend are getting into 3d printing. A kilo spool would probably print 2 of these so no problems there. bed size of the printer is critical this only just prints on a 220 x 220 mm bed with about 3 or 4 mm on each side. George from UK.

€92 ($110) at a online 3d printing service.
Ist this usual? Are there cheap online services?

And my suggestion:
Build attachable/detachable big earphones. Like the original Vive de Luxe Audio Strap.
Only cases, but for good available earphone loudspeaker.
And outside with a shape, we could buy and use replacement coushions from a wide spreaded headphone.

This looks awesome. Thank you in advance. I've started printing this on a prusa i3 mk2. Onto second file now. Will report back my results once I'm done. (Going to be a while)
I'm using abs as pla will be a bit fragile.
I second bmanx2000's comment. Any any info on spring size would be greatly appreciated.
Hbadino. Are you generating support material? I have mine on as default for angles over 35° & not getting any problems yet.
EDIT: failure 6 hrs in. For some reason some supports would not transfer into the gcode. I couldn't work out why but once I split the file into pieces & redid the gcode, they were there.

What size are the springs? And what plastic should I use, just PLA?

Good catch I will put this in the main description.

1 Small Spring
Wire (in.) 0.028
O.D. (in.) 0.187
Overall Length (in.) 1
Solid Height(in.) 0.48

2 Large Springs
Wire (in.) 0.026
O.D. (in.) 0.375
Overall Length (in.) 1.5
Solid Height(in.) 0.26

Printer program complains that there are open curves in the first two files, so they can't be 3D printed.

We have used both MatterControl and Simplify 3D to print hundreds of these. Which slicer is giving you a problem?

Simplify3D 4.1.0 shows all sorts of problems with the .stl files.

did a remix and posted fixed stls here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3412538

rEvolve- Headstrap for the HTC Vive (fixed)
by Mframe