Northern Warrior with Greatsword

by dutchmogul Jul 8, 2012
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How do I scale this dude (28 mm scale) to 18mm scale ( pocket tactics scale)?

Ah, this old fella. Haha. Well, I would import the model alongside another 18mm model in MakerBot Desktop (or 3dBuilder, or any program that let's you scale models) and just eyeball it. I think that would work fine.

Hm. I guess it would. I did the math and found that scaling the 28mm model down by 64% works well in turning Curufin's excellent props into props for Pocket Tactics! But thanks for the advice.

Great sculpting, I like the movment of the drap, I also made a knight some time ago but it can't be used as a game piece ;)


Knight -Chevalier

Oh, man, that's a cool bust. Well done. Yeah, but I see what you mean... would be a tough game piece unless your games get fairly abstract ;-)

Do you use support structure for these? (And your other prints)

I play DnD with friends, and extra minatures are always good ;-) so I'm planning to print everything you upload!

Hah, right on. I'll have lots of stuff like this loaded soon. I've got a ton of pieces I'm working on for a board game that would be great as fairly generic representation for encounters.

No support on any of these ones... somehow.

Awesome, I like support-less prints :)

I do think I need to scale them to about 80% for them to match the scale of all my other miniatures...

What scale do you play in?

Scale? who, what, where? We're just using anything we can get our hands on. We're using a combination of normal Warhammer, stuff from the game "Battle Masters" and Heroquest, and some early LOTR miniatures (from before the movies). And one more game, but I cannot find the name.

And now printed things (a double sized printed octupus almost killed everyone :))

I think most of it is 25mm scale. But we play on a 1 inch grid, so size of the minatures isn't that important as long as it fits.

Yeah, as long as it fits the grid that's all that really matters, just representation anyway. I had some of those old Mithril LotR models myself, I really liked them. I'm actually scaling all of my stuff for personal use to 25mm these days (a little smaller than the current Warhammer standard). I'm selling off all of my old models (about a game store's worth, probably) now that I can make my own stuff. Its good livin' in the future ;-)

I wish I could model like that, I seem to fail at anything that is not functional...

What program are you using?

Well, I have multiple programs at my disposal, including a pretty old version of 3D studio max.

Looks great! Are you printing with ABS? Are you dremelling extra detail or is this as-is? What paint are you using? Any other finishing tips for your modelling?

Hey, thanks! Yeah, just ABS. No extra detail, though I printed this guy at a .10 layer height, which would account for the detail that was retained. I used a hobby knife to cut away extra little gobs, bits of flash or what have you, though there honestly wasn't much to clean up. Other than that, painted him with GW acrylic paints and based him with static grass. Let me know if you print one!

have you tried using acetone?

I have found that a quick 'paint' with acetone

has two effects

1) thin areas of prints will wick in the acetone and bind more solidly

2) some of the layers will smooth the ridges and repeated coats will leave ABS shiny.

this makes painting with craft acrylics get a smoother coat.

not saying the paint job isn't excellent , just mentioning acetone as you had not, and i have had real nice results especially making layers bind better.

Right, acetone. I have some, need to give that a try. I've also heard that sticking prints in the oven for a spell will take some of the texture off, though I'm hesitant to try that. Thanks for the heads up, always looking for ways to smooth/gain detail.

Are the acrylic paints you are using special in any way? I have tried painting ABS with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paints and the paint can just be peeled of after dry.

I believe they're water-based acrylics, the kind you find in hobby shops. Here's some links, I use a combination from these brands:




Also, before I paint them I prime them with Krylon Black Primer and/or Rustoleum Texture paint. You should be able to find those in any hardware store.

Thank you. I believe the primer wais the step that I was missing. Beautiful work by the way. I loved the metal pig and the great patina you've got on that one.

What's your printer? I'm hopefully getting my Solidoodle2 soon.

Oh, I print on a single-extruder Replicator.

Nice finishing on the print.

Thanks, man! Yeah, not a super detailed print, but fun for sure.