Nier Automata Black Box

by Phraxdust Nov 17, 2017
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I really want to make this but can't figure out how to print it. :( Because it is hollow, the only way to print it is with supports inside, which will use an insane amount of filament, basically similar to a 100% infill, just so it can print the top properly. It also wants to add supports to the small channels along the outside of the box when you do this. Of course, you can just slice the model in half, but then you have a pretty ugly seam in the middle. Basically, I don't think infill can be added to the hollow center unless a solid version of the model is created. I am guessing the box in the photo is the container version that you made? If so, how did you print it successfully? I'm a bit worried that it would be extremely difficult/impossible to remove the supports that would need to be generated in the overhanging area that the lid slides into. Any tips you (or anyone else) can provide would be appreciated!

I would recommend printing it after rotating it by 45 degrees on each axis. Of course, this does leave supports in the narrow circuit-pattern lines if you leave it to auto-generate external supports, but it doesn't require internal supports.

Okay. So I lost the original tinkercad file. So I just shoved a new box inside this one and merged it.
I checked it out on Cura, and it has a weird bit on the inside. But it now accepts infill. So hopefully this helps.
Thanks for leaving a comment. I would have never realised otherwise.
Let me know how you get on with it.

Also the one in the picture I think I made without any infill or support.
I'm checking it now and the top layer is very flexible and thin. And the whole thing is light

Thanks a lot! I'll try it tonight and report back. If it works out, I will be sure to upload a photo of it when it's done. :)

This is one of the first 3d models I ever made so I probably did something wrong.
Let me have a look and see if I can make it better.
I'll drop you a comment if I get something worked out

I see that it's hollow. Did you print it with supports inside? Or can it print without support?

This is fully enclosed. So use whatever infill you'd like. I think I used 15%