Adventurer's Camp - Bedrolls - 28mm gaming

by ecaroth Nov 17, 2017
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Super cool stuff for sure! :) I wish someone would make bedrolls with characters inside them - how many times do you sneak up on a bandit camp, etc. and try to catch them asleep, you know? Would be great to have minis to depict sleeping characters instead of just empty beds.

I printed these and they are well cool. But are they not way too big for a 28mm figure? It would be like a double bed to sleep in even if he was 7' tall and when rolled up would be huge to carry, he's have to go down dungeon passages sideways? Has anyone tried shrinking them at all?

I've been facepalming so hard since reading the instructions to this thing and tweaking settings....

I just had never taken the time to experiment with my printer's settings past a certain point, and had assumed that my printer's capabilities were lower than they really are. I just finished printing one of these, and while my settings clearly need a bit more work, this shows my printer can do higher quality than I thought. I'll post in a moment. Compare this against the other things that I've made and you'll see the difference in what I expected it would print before.